How do you plan for electric bicycle rights-of-way?

The safety of electric bicycles has aroused strong concern among the general public. Calling on the relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of electric bicycles at the same time, but also to "block" "sparse" combination of electric vehicles to do a good job on the right-of-way planning, appropriate additional electric bike lanes, so that "riders "There is a way to go.

Although in recent years the vigorous implementation of the "electricity" policy, but with the rise of the courier, take-away and other industrial design company industry, electric bicycle ownership has not been significantly reduced, in some areas outside the original SAR public transport is not developed, and the trend of increasing year by year.
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The growing army of electric bicycles not only increases the traffic load of the city, but also the contradiction of competing with small cars and pedestrians for roads. Speeding driving, red light jumping, retrograde and other cases occur repeatedly, becoming a serious impact on the road traffic order and road safety, one of the major hidden dangers. According to statistics, in recent years, road traffic accidents involving electric bicycles account for about 40% of the city's road traffic accidents, and the number of fatalities also accounts for about 40% of the total number of deaths.
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E-bikes are supposed to be environmentally friendly and convenient means of transportation, so why have they become a major threat to traffic safety? In the analysis of the problems of electric bicycles, it is pointed out that although there are strict restrictions and requirements on the driving range of electric bicycles, vehicle technical parameters, etc., the reality is that some industrial design companies on the market business in order to enhance the battery life, the violation of the battery to exceed the standard settings. At the same time, the vast majority of roads currently do not have non-motorized lanes, and the vast majority of roads have non-motorized lanes set up together with sidewalks, with no special roads for electric bikes, which can easily lead to collisions between electric bikes and other vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, many electric bicycles are often not unified, the driver lacks training and has little awareness of traffic rules, which can easily lead to traffic accidents and injuries to themselves or others.
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How to prevent electric bicycle "riders" into road "killers"?
Suggest that the traffic police bureau, the traffic commission linkage, do a good job in six areas. First, strengthen road planning, appropriate additional electric bicycle lanes, so that electric bicycles have a way to go. Second, to strengthen the investigation and clearance of unlicensed vehicles and oversized vehicles driving. Third, strengthen the inspection and management of the prohibited areas. Fourth, strengthen the education and publicity of electric bicycle safety driving, and improve the awareness of safe driving. Five is to strengthen the training of drivers on traffic regulations and penalties for violations. Sixth, continue to improve the public transport network, to open up the "last mile" public transport pain points, reduce the use of the public.

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