How much do you know about the pedal function of power-assisted electric bicycles?

Give power-assisted electric bicycle pedal function positive body? There is a mysterious device, the booster sensor, do you know its value? Do you know how to use it? With these questions, I give you one by one analysis!

The original general name called the electric car, is now the new national standard regulations require the division into, electric bicycle and electric motorcycle two major categories. First of all, you have to figure out that the so-called electric car now, is the installation of pedal function as the biggest difference. As for the total weight of the car body 55 kg, the maximum speed of 25 km per hour. Battery voltage 48 volts, power 400W, this is as an electric bike hard indicators, from the production license of the manufacturer, developed and manufactured with 3c certification; but also in the national electric vehicle management list on the list. With these conditions, you can give this electric car on the license, can be on the road normal driving.
The new national standard electric bicycle from awareness to recognition process
Recently the name of the new national standard is called very hot, but there are licensed manufacturers to produce electric bikes that meet the new national standard standards, in the sales market just started. Not fire up, consumers are skeptical, they think: the new national standard electric bicycle specification requirements so much, can be suitable for the normal travel needs of consumers? Electric bicycle assembly so low range capacity certainly can not meet the requirements of people's expectations? So in the first half of last year, people need to understand the process of understanding the new national standard electric bicycle, will not be eager to buy.

The people who buy them and the people who see them are just going to have a look; the people who really make up their minds to buy them are probably not very common. The previous hot scene of electric car sales, in the first half of 2019 in a period of cold, which requires the new national standard electric car products prescribed a process of adaptation.

We can see from the new listing of the national standard electric bicycle, it has been simplified, the shape structure and manufacturing of the specification requirements are clearly defined, especially the shape design has been greatly improved, than the previous simple, beautiful, riding adaptability pending further understanding and riding experience of consumers.
Now the manufacturers can be in accordance with the changing times people's demand power, design the new national standard electric car of the overall structure of the simplicity. First of all, there are big changes from these aspects, the re-assembly of spare parts and the combination of beautiful appearance, reflecting the appearance of simplification, smooth beautification, increase the aesthetic concept of people now.

In the new national standard regulations in the specification requirements, and does not state that manufacturers according to the hard indicators of the production of national standard electric vehicles, must be retrofitted with power sensing system. This article, you may not see, I also did not see. In the future production out of the national standard electric car above; have not added this booster sensor who can not say. Take the new national standard electric bicycle produced in the future, this booster system will be simplified. How much effect can it have in riding? Will the pedal function be easier to use than the original power-assisted e-bike? The real purchase in the ride can feel the booster effect to be able to know the installation did not.
The state in the new national standard regulations, electric bicycle manufacturers have a hard target, but this set of pedal function of the device; whether with the previous installation of power sensor device to play the same function. Can only wait for a large number of national standard cars on the market, there are buying people in the ride, there is feedback, in order to get the real verification.

This booster function device must have; the new national standard has standard requirements in the regulations, however, this installation of booster sensors, functional requirements should also be written in the regulations, manufacturers in the production of the time, must be installed in the pedal function on this system. Only then can the purchase of this style of vehicle; pedaling in the ride, feel more relaxed assistance. In order to truly comply with the state so that the electric bicycle installed pedal function; easy to apply the purpose.
In the previous maintenance of this style of electric power bicycle, the maintenance of the replacement of this set of rib force sensor system. After the completion, let the cyclist pedal up, feel more relaxed, can really give electric bicycle help on the force. In some cyclists' comments, they say that the pedals can turn up quickly during the electric bike ride, making the electric bike run faster and faster. It is this power sensor that does the trick. If you are still riding this style of electric car, when this happens; as long as you use two feet on the pedals, or legs to block the pedals do not let him follow the motor together with the rotation; electric car will be uniform speed forward, will not run faster and faster uncontrollable.

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