How much power is left in an electric bicycle to charge the best?

There is a question that we usually encounter every day during the course of riding an electric bicycle, but we have not thought about it. That is, how much power is left to charge the electric bicycle is the best? Charging in this power range will not only improve the electric bicycle range, but also enhance the electric bicycle life.

I know that lead-acid batteries will lose power if they are not charged for a long time, and the internal plates of the battery will be corroded after the loss of power, and this damage is irreversible, so we call the battery "starved to death". When we charge to eliminate is excessive deep discharge, that is, after the power is 100% used up and then charged, which is the battery and its disadvantage, will shorten the life of the battery.
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Some people say, with the use of charging. Although this way will not cause the battery loss, but the battery is not good, this is not easy to grasp, sometimes left 90% of the electricity, the charger may not work, equivalent to not charged. Sometimes the remaining 30% is charged to 50%, which is easy to discharge the battery.

The best depth of discharge for electric bikes is 80%-60%. On the one hand, the remaining power will ensure that the battery will not lose power in a short period of time, and on the other hand, it will give the battery time to fully react inside the battery to avoid sulfuric acid crystallization and the destruction of the plate grid.
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Generally speaking, the first charge is the most durable, accounting for half of the power, and can run more than half of the mileage. Generally speaking, the first charge is the most durable, accounting for half of the power and capable of running more than half the distance. When the second charge starts to flash, you can start charging. Of course, this is only a general method of identification. In winter, due to more false power, it is recommended that the first charge should be charged when it is used up.
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Well, electric bicycle power remaining 20%-40% of the power, is the most suitable for charging, this interval charging not only reduce deep discharge, can increase the range and can extend the life of the battery!

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