How often do e-bike tires actually inflate?

Many e-bike users ignore the importance of tires, and think that tires can run as long as they have air. In fact, this concept is very wrong, the performance of the tires is very important for the electric bicycle, without tires, the electric bicycle is like a bird with broken wings, even if a skill can not fly. So how to maintain the tires of electric bicycle in daily life? The following Tesgo Industrial Design Company will answer the questions for you one by one.

If a person sits on it or presses the tire hard with his hand, if the tire is obviously deflated, it means it needs to be inflated. In fact, for e-bike tires, there is no standard fixed inflation time, e-bike users can check regularly according to the actual use of the situation and inflate as needed.
E-bike tires are rubber products, and if the rubber is in contact with oil for a long time, the oil may penetrate into the rubber and cause swelling, resulting in a decrease in the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber, and then the phenomenon of rubber aging and deterioration. Therefore, electric bicycle tires accidentally stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oil, should be cleaned in a timely manner.

When the electric bicycle is not used for a long time, the tires should be fully inflated and then stored! Because the tire pressure of electric bicycle is too low, external force will deflate the inner and outer tires (such as the weight of the electric bicycle itself), and this will lead to tire cracking or deformation in the long run, thus reducing the life of the tires. Therefore, when parking your e-bike for a long time, make sure the tire pressure is sufficient and inflate it regularly.
Users of electric bicycles should always check the tire pressure and replenish it in time when they feel that the tire pressure is not enough, and keep the tire pressure of the front and rear wheels consistent. For electric bicycles, low tire pressure will have the following two effects: 1. low tire pressure will cause rapid tire wear, increase the resistance in driving, and also cause sideslip when turning. 2. the majority of electric bicycle rear wheel is filled by the motor, if the rear tire pressure is too low or completely dry to continue driving, it is easy to cause tire scrap or even lead to motor deformation. Charge Man suggests that e-bike users should equip themselves with a tire pressure gauge and measure it every 2 months to avoid unnecessary damage to the e-bike.

More than 95% of e-bikes do not have a rear tire support frame, they rely on the rear wheel and unilateral support frame to support the weight of the body. When the load exceeds its capacity, the tires are easily deformed by external forces and even burst, which seriously affects riding safety! Therefore, remember not to overload your e-bike for daily use.
In the process of driving an electric bicycle, the tread grooves of the tires will inevitably embed stones or other foreign objects, thus accelerating the wear and tear of the tires, and in serious cases may lead to deformation of the tire crown, affecting riding safety. Therefore, tools should be used in a timely manner to clean the grooves of foreign objects.

In daily use, as long as the electric bike users can do the above points, generally speaking, tires can be used for at least six months. So what circumstances indicate that the tires need to be replaced?
Electric bicycle tires also have a use life, usually in about 3 years, more than that, the industrial design company's electric bicycle tires begin to age, and begin to harden and crack, continued use will lead to tread deformation, there is a risk of blowout. In addition, the friction and grip of the tire rubber will be seriously affected. In emergency braking, the braking distance may be too long, and in cornering, there may be tailing and side slipping. Therefore, generally speaking, electric bicycle tires should be replaced after their service life.

All regular brand tires will have a wear mark at the bottom of the tread groove. Generally the wear mark of electric bicycle tires is 1.6 mm, all for the convenience of electric bicycle users to check tire wear, usually there will be a triangle mark at the corresponding place of the wear mark. If you find that your e-bike tires are worn down to this mark at the bottom of the groove, it's time to change your tires.
Most of the electric bicycle tire bulge is due to the strong impact in use, resulting in serious extrusion deformation between the impact and the rim flange, which causes the tire side yarn to be sheared and broken, and then the air inside the tire will rise from the broken yarn, forming a bulge. A bulge on the side of the tire not only affects driving, but also poses a risk of tire blowout, which is a major accident hazard for electric bicycles. Therefore, if an electric bicycle bulge phenomenon, it is recommended not to use the bulging tires, must go to a regular repair store for professional testing and replacement.

Wire tires are welcomed by many e-bike users because of their wear resistance and puncture resistance. But when the tire surface is excessively worn white steel wire, indicating that its performance has been very weak, tire drainage performance will be very poor, when we drive in the rain, tire braking distance will be greatly lengthened, affecting the comfort and safety of the whole car, this time must be replaced with new tires.

In addition to electric bike tires, electric bike range should be one of the main topics of concern for electric bike users. Breakthrough traditional electric bicycle charging limitations, now industrial design companies on a new mode of electric bicycle life, to "change the power" instead of "charging", electric bicycle users no longer need for the short life of the battery, poor range and other problems distressed. The emergence of the power exchange model will greatly solve the problem of charging pain points for e-bike users and become the mainstream trend of future e-bike range.

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