How should cycling enthusiasts choose an electric bike that suits their needs?

Cycling is a very beneficial outdoor activity for the body and mind, and now more and more people love to travel by bicycle. When traveling by bicycle, it is important to have a sensitive, light and reliable bicycle. A bicycle that can adapt to various road conditions can make the journey easier, more comfortable and safer. Many newcomers face this problem before they start riding: how to choose a bike that suits them?

A. Basic principles of bicycle purchase
A good power bicycle will show its various good characteristics during the riding process. So in order to adapt to various complex terrains, you should buy a higher grade electric bicycle according to your economic situation. The higher the grade, the more outstanding the excellent characteristics will be.

Second, the bicycle performance structure analysis
Frame: The basic requirement for a bicycle is a strong and durable frame. The main materials used for bicycle frames on the market today are steel, aluminum and titanium carbon fiber. The advantage of steel is that the strength, toughness and shock absorption are very good, and inexpensive, the disadvantage is that it is too heavy, the surface is easy to rust. The main advantage of aluminum alloy is light, not easy to rust, and moderate price, the disadvantage is that the material properties are more brittle, the damping effect is relatively poor. The advantages of titanium alloy and carbon fiber are toughness, lightness, strength and damping effect are very good, the disadvantage is that the price is more expensive.
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Shaft: Here refers to the assembly shaft parts, it includes steel balls, bowls, shaft rods and shaft gear and other parts. There are ordinary shaft, sealed shaft and bearing shaft, of which the sealed bearing shaft is the best, strong and durable and sensitive and light, low maintenance rate and long maintenance cycle.

Shock absorber: The shock absorber can be divided into two groups: front and rear, used to reduce the impact of different road conditions on the front and rear wheels, to improve the comfort of riding. But inevitably some riding efficiency will be lost, especially with the rear shock absorber, which is especially noticeable. Considering that on long trips it is mainly riding on the road, so just the front shock absorber is enough. There are three types: air pressure, resistance rubber or hydraulic, and the best one is "hydraulic shock absorber".

Size of the bike.
There are two sizes, one is the size of the frame, and the other is to choose the size that suits you according to your body.

Frame size: Bicycle frames are available in three sizes: 16, 18 and 21 inches. When purchasing a bicycle, you can choose a different size frame according to your height.

Adjustment of size: Generally speaking, the saddle of ordinary car is wider. In long-distance travel, due to the long riding time, the crotch frequently rubs with the saddle and is easy to sweat, a narrower saddle can reduce the area of crotch rubbing with the saddle and facilitate ventilation, which is one of the measures to effectively prevent crotch injury. The main thing is the position of the saddle, the position of the saddle is controlled by three data, which are front and back, height and angle. Adjust the saddle, it can play the rider's maximum leg strength in the process of riding, can effectively reduce the degree of fatigue and avoid ligament damage, so the saddle must be carefully adjusted.
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Height: Height this is the most important one to control data. In the international common calculation method is to use the height × 0.62, for us, there are two simple methods, one is to stay in place, riding in the saddle two toes just touch the ground; another is in the process of riding with two heels to do pedaling action, in the case of the buttocks do not swing, two feet in the pedal to the next stop when the size of the legs just can be straightened. Long-distance riding saddle height is best on the basis of this slightly lower.

Front and rear dimensions: can be adjusted according to personal height and arm length, the range after 2-5 cm after the vertical line in the center of the central axis can be properly adjusted.
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Angle: The height of the saddle should be adjusted to horizontal without exceeding the height of the handle. The height of the saddle exceeds the height of the handle, there is a certain angle of inclination, generally speaking, the center of the handle and the front tip of the saddle after the edge to form a straight line is the best, according to this principle, and then according to personal feeling to make appropriate adjustments.

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