How should I charge my newly purchased electric bike?

Electric bicycle just bought, we are very careful, hope the electric bicycle can use longer, the battery can run farther. In fact, the battery wants to use a long distance, reasonable charging style is very important, here to teach practical electric bicycle charging technology, scientific and reasonable charging, the battery can of course be used for a long time.

First, just bought a new electric bicycle, last week's charging to focus on attention. Just bought an electric bicycle, it is best to charge the electric bicycle after the first charge using more than 80%. Generally speaking, it is best to charge the battery after the electric bicycle's power indicator turns yellow, and it is best to keep this charging method in the first week.
Second, electric bicycle batteries are not suitable for frequent charging, and recharge after the power is below a certain level. In fact, the service life of lead-acid batteries is strictly calculated based on the number of charge/discharge cycles of the battery. Generally, the service life of a group of batteries is 500-600 cycles, and if charging is too frequent, it will definitely shorten the battery's service life. After the electric bicycle's power indicator turns yellow, it is recommended to charge the electric bicycle.

Third, don't use the fast charging station to charge too often, but don't use it strictly. Fast charging station is a charging device that makes the electric bicycle battery charge into a certain amount of power in a short period of time through high current charging. Commercially available fast charging stations mostly use high voltage high current pulse charging, and frequent use will damage the battery. However, for batteries that have been used for more than half a year, using a fast charging station once a month is beneficial to activating the active material inside the battery, which helps to extend the life of the battery.
Fourth, do not use miscellaneous chargers to charge the battery, unstable parameters will damage the battery. Now the electric bike market is filled with a large number of poor quality chargers, many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of the charger, greedy for cheap, think that the charger as long as it can charge the battery on the line. The electronic parts of miscellaneous chargers are basically made of inferior materials, which are easily damaged. Common problems are not rotating after charging the battery, not being able to adjust the charging current according to the current of the battery, charging a large number of batteries, and charging the battery after multiple charges. If the electric bike charger does not work properly, it is recommended to replace the charger with a high-quality brand in a professional electric bike after-sales service store to ensure the quality of charging and extend the life of the battery.
Fifth, charging time should be properly controlled, and should not exceed 8 hours in summer and 10 hours in winter. Many electric bicycle users always charge all night for convenience, charging time more than 12 hours, or even forget to cut off the power charging time more than 20 hours, which is bound to cause great damage to the battery. Multiple long time charging, battery overcharging easy to charge drum.
Long-term use of electric bicycle batteries, scientific charging methods and good quality chargers are important. At present, the normal life of electric bicycle batteries is generally 3 years. The reason for the early end of life is unreasonable charging habits and poor charger quality. I hope to develop scientific charging habits to make the battery use for a long time.

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