How to adjust the transmission and braking system of electric bicycle?

Both shifting and braking are important when driving an electric bike, which involves the transmission and braking system of the electric bike. How to adjust the specific, there are the following methods.

1、Adjust the transmission
If you want to accelerate, first put the front chain on the big gear plate, and the back chain dial to the small gear. Then put the upper small guide wheel on the smallest pinion and jam the transmission cable at its slowest, then adjust the transmission adjustment screw to tighten the cable on the e-bike. Set the rear chain to the largest pinion and the front on the pinion, and when running, set the other adjusting screws to the tightest so that the upper pinion is precisely shifted under the large gear to reach the pole.
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Set the rear derailleur between the largest pinion and the upper pinion with the screw spinner, and turn the pedal backward to let the rear derailleur swing freely, leaving a space of one and a half chainrings empty. Then turn the pedal forward, set the chain to the third pinion, adjust the rear transmission adjusting screw until the chain does not rub with the fourth pinion, in this way, change one by one until there is no jamming phenomenon.

2、Adjust the brake system
The middle shaft, front shaft, flywheel, front fork damper rotation pivot point and other components, every six months or a year, to its grease or oil. The brake wire fixed seat screw unscrewed, the wire is tightened or relaxed, so that the two brake blocks in a point five to two millimeters from the edge of the circle, tighten the screw.
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If the electric bicycle chain is loose, loosen the nut, adjust the chain so that the rear wheel is parallel to the frame and then tighten the nut. When adjusting the handlebar and saddle height, do not allow the safety line on the saddle to be exposed. And tighten the core screw, handlebar crossbar, saddle clamping nut and saddle tube clamping bolt, the torque is not less than 18N-m. Check the performance of the brake frequently to see if it is good, the braking distance should be increased when riding in rain, snow and downhill.
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