How to choose the car inflatable pump?

Daily driving to ensure that the tires have the appropriate tire pressure, in addition to the assembly of tire pressure monitoring, a car inflator pump can be used with the car is also very convenient and practical. Then the question arises, how to choose a car inflator pump?
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What else is a car inflator pump?
Car inflator pump is a miniature air compressor, using the car battery to provide DC drive, its voltage is generally between 12 ~ 14V, due to different types of cars, car inflator pump exhaust pressure between 0.4-0.85MPa, and our general household car tire pressure is only 250Kpa-300KPa can be.
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How to choose a car inflatable pump?
Recommend the use of larger power inflatable pumps, faster inflation, shorter waiting time. For example, 200w inflatable time can be reduced by half compared to 100w. The second is to apply the function, one of the points of air pressure preset function is recommended for all people to choose, when the inflation reaches the set air pressure value will automatically disconnect, the operation is more convenient; as for with tire repair fluid, lighting, alarm or a variety of external inflatable interface function, you can also choose according to their needs.
inflatable pump
What to pay attention to when using the air pump.
When using an inflatable pump, the following points should be noted: first, use to ensure that the car does not skid; second, do not use a small car inflatable pump to inflate the large tires of buses and trucks. Insufficient pressure can cause danger; third, when using an inflator pump, do not use it for more than 15 minutes continuously. Remember to use it again after cooling.

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