How to develop the Thai market for electric bicycles

At present, some domestic enterprises intend to develop the Thai electric bicycle market. If the international oil price rises further, the market demand in Thailand will increase, and the main problem of Chinese electric bikes in Thailand is how to be officially registered in Thailand, which is the main problem of the motorcycle registration office of the Office of the Traffic Commissioner in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. The following is a brief reply.
electric bicycle
First, according to Thai laws and regulations, electric bikes must be registered at the Motorcycle Registration Office of the Department of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport before they can be put on the road.

Second, there are two types of electric bikes in Thailand: imported and domestic.
electric bicycle
Third, the registration of electric bikes is done through the motorcycle registry in Bangkok.

Fourth, Thai-made electric bikes can be registered at the motorcycle registry through local sellers.
electric bicycle
Fifth, foreign-made electric bikes must go to the Ministry of Finance, Customs and other relevant government departments to complete taxes and then go to the motorcycle registry for related procedures.
electric bicycle
Sixth, there are two main channels for Chinese enterprises to export electric bikes to Thailand. One is to assemble them in Thailand and make them Thai-made electric bikes, and register and sell them through Thai dealers. The second is to find a strong importer, through which they can go through the relevant procedures in Thailand and enter the Thai market. The key is to have after-sales service and set up a marketing and maintenance network.

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