How to do the styling of electric bicycles

A designer's sketches must go beyond the form of sketches to express what should be expressed (such as thinking around aesthetic logic, manufacturing logic, behavioral logic, etc.), and the most fearful sketch is to see a beautiful skin without any inspiring thinking or no logic to speak of.

I think a good design sketch should revolve around two main lines of logical relationship at the same time.
1、Electric car case design
In the following, I will take electric car as a case study and use two tools, thinking logic and argument logic, to show the whole design sketching process. How they coordinate thinking together to complete a good design extrapolation.
electric bicycles
First of all, the first logic that should be considered before starting the design sketch, how to design an electric car? This certainly contains too much design logic in it, here I will focus on the product shape design to start, other not design logic not to do too much elaboration. We can be sure that the next design thinking around the product modeling aesthetics, here on the use of aesthetic logic.

Some methods and tools about modeling and modeling aesthetic logic have actually been shared a lot before, shape guide in order to enable everyone to quickly and efficiently output good design results, research a set of effective thinking tools (how to design and think about the underlying logic of modeling).
electric bicycles
2、Two logical relationships
The first thinking logic (why this design, a series of exploration and thinking around the nature of design), we can understand it as how to think, thinking logic is actually equivalent to a design thinking tool for us.

The second argument logic (design sketch thinking process, and the corresponding output results of the argumentative relationship), for our design thinking, how to judge the thinking of the right or wrong, good or bad? Argumentation logic is actually a powerful supplement to thinking logic, and we can understand that this is a tool to help us make judgments and choices.
electric bicycles
Before designing the electric car shape, we need to determine the overall posture and proportional relationship, he should be dignified, rounded, sporty, etc.? It is equivalent to the first feeling and impression of the product, at this time the shape need not be very complicated, only need to be based on the product block and the basic functional division of the simple outline, here need the basic aesthetic law, posture design law thinking tool, and then through a lot of comparison argument to determine the appropriate proportion, posture.

After a lot of sketch interpretation can come up with a relatively good product shape, if not yet is the process of sketch deduction interpretation is still too little, can continue to sketch, sketch is not finished.
electric bicycles
Eventually we render 3D modeling of the satisfactory shape, and continue to argue the feasibility of the design through 3D, sketching arguments, 3D arguments can go back and forth for many rounds to achieve the final design purpose.

The above is the whole process of product modeling design derivation through two dimensions: thinking logic and arguing logic, which is suitable for all product design. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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