How to extend the use time of electric bicycle battery?

I believe many people have electric bikes at home. Because it is easy and fast to travel, just charge it and the cost is low, so to speak. It is very popular in many small and medium-sized cities. But then, in daily life will encounter a situation, that is, after a period of time, the battery in the electric bicycle is not durable, and the cost of replacing the battery is also quite expensive. In fact, the battery is not durable and the way it is used, also has a great relationship, today to tell you how to make the battery use a longer time.

First, the new car charging to pay attention to
Everyone who buys a new electric usually has electricity, but it may not be full, so they are likely to run out of power after a few days. At this point, we must pay attention to when the electric bike is low on power, we must charge it in time. We can't run out of power completely before recharging. This can damage the life of the battery.
electric bicycle
Second, avoid emergency braking
People ride too fast on the road, in what is easy to brake, not only prone to accidents, but also easy to damage the battery. Frequent emergency braking will consume a lot of power and damage the battery, and damage the electric bike itself.

Third, avoid exposure or rain
If the e-bike is exposed to sunlight, it is easy to burn out the battery. If it rains, the battery is easily short-circuited. Both of these directly affect the life of the battery. If it rains and nothing can cover your electric bike, you can use an electric bike raincoat or buy a special electric bike rain cover.
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Four, do not ride also need to charge regularly
Some of you may not ride your electric bike often after you buy it. I thought it was okay to have electricity for a long time, but in fact, even if the e-bike doesn't sit, the battery will continue to discharge. If you don't use your e-bike for more than a week, the e-bike's power will end. At this time, we have to replenish the electric bike with electricity, otherwise the battery will have a much lower life span when it is losing power. In addition, if it is not going to use for a long time, it is best to remove the battery full, can also extend the battery life.
electric bicycle
Five, to use a special battery
In the market there are often a lot of electric bicycle universal charge, such a charger although not pick electric bicycle, which can be charged, but it will be very harmful to the battery. So here to remind you must use a special battery.
With these tips, you can make the electric bicycle can ride longer, so that as long as you usually pay attention to a little, you can save the money to change the battery.

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