How to use the electric bike button? The most complete use of the introduction!


Although electric bikes are everywhere, there are some buttons that are not well known to users. Take TESGO Industrial Design's electric bicycle as an example, a brief introduction!

Turning light: It is used to warn the rear side vehicles when you need to turn left or right during the driving process.
electric bike
Mode Switching: During driving, you can use this button to adjust the maximum speed of the vehicle, the power mode for high speed and the comfort mode for low speed.

Headlights: When the button is on the rightmost side, the headlights are off; push it to the left one frame, the daytime running lights are on; push it to the leftmost side, the headlights are on.
electric bike
High and low beam: Used to adjust the high beam and low beam, when driving at night, please switch the high beam to low beam in time when meeting with opposite vehicles or pedestrians.

Safety P-gear: In order to effectively avoid misoperation and "flying" phenomenon, the safety P-gear is added, which greatly improves the safety factor.
electric bike
Speed cruise: Under good road conditions, when the vehicle reaches a certain speed, press this button and release the acceleration handle, the e-bike will continue to move forward at the speed when the speed cruise button is pressed, until the cruise button is pressed again or the handlebar is turned.
It can effectively avoid the hand fatigue caused by turning the handlebar all the time while riding, and also greatly reduce the damage rate of the speed control handle.
electric bike
After parking, when the time of releasing the electric door reaches 15 seconds, the safety P gear automatically opens. Unlocking is also very simple, press and hold the brake or button, that is, unlock. Do you understand the introduction of the use of these electric bike buttons? Welcome to add clarification.

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