I only recognize TESGO electric bicycle when it comes to good quality electric bicycle

As a "laborer", I have to ride my e-bike to work almost every day. My TESGO e-bike has been in use for two years now and has not had any problems. So, if you want me to recommend a good quality e-bike, I will definitely recommend TESGO e-bike first.

I used to use a miscellaneous brand electric bicycle, and the quality was very poor. My e-bike tires were punctured several times by the sharp stones on the road, and I had to repair the tires during that time. Later, because of the bumpy road, the wiring of the e-bike also had problems and the motor was burned out. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I replaced the TESGO e-bike in a fit of pique.
electric bicycle
The TESGO e-bike uses steel wire tires, which have a high-strength steel belt and thickened lips and sides, so the TESGO e-bike tires are not only explosion-proof and wear-resistant, but also have very good puncture resistance, even steel nails and glass ballast can't pierce it, and small stones on the road are not a problem.
electric bicycle
In addition, my TESGO electric bike is equipped with a liquid-cooled motor, which can evacuate the heat generated by the motor in time, lowering the motor temperature by 30 degrees and making the motor's efficiency reach 90%.
electric bicycle
After years of personal experience, I trust the quality of TESGO electric bicycle, TESGO electric bicycle is really "reliable and trouble-free", so I only recognize TESGO electric bicycle as a good quality electric bicycle.

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