In the end is the electric car inflatable pump good or foot pedal good?

The car has brought us a lot of convenience, but also caused some trouble, such as going out on a driving trip in case the tire leaks, and can not find a place around the inflatable how to do? So many car owners will put a car inflatable pump in the car, just in case.

There are many car inflatable pumps on the market, from the inflatable method there are foot pedal and rechargeable, so which one should I buy? Relatively speaking, the foot pedal is cheaper, charging is more expensive, many car owners will initially buy the foot pedal in order to save money, think it is just in case, there is no need to buy so good.
inflatable pump
But really to the time of use only to find that the foot pedal is really very inconvenient, even if it is laborious, the key speed is also slow, sometimes pedal a dozen or twenty minutes, not yet filled with gas, really if something urgent will indeed be annoyed by it.
inflatable pump
So this is convenient or do not think too much about saving money, buy a rechargeable, power a connection, a moment to fill up, and then quickly find a place to fix the tire well. In addition, many people will put an inflatable bed in the car, go out and use, or go to the beach with a similar lifebuoy and so on, if you use your feet, I believe that the heart of fun will be lost with the physical exertion, or charging is fast and good, but also save the time to play.
inflatable pump
So whether from the emergency or daily use, car inflatable pump or buy a rechargeable better, and really not particularly expensive.

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