In the post-epidemic era, e-bikes are the tool of the hour

During the epidemic, a large number of people rode electric bicycles to work. Although consumer demand has expanded, the industry has been in a complex and changing environment of severe development due to increased downward pressure on the economy, innovation and upgrading of consumer attitudes, implementation of new national standards, and a still fierce competitive market pattern.

Since returning to work in March, there has been a significant increase in the number of customers looking at and consulting about cars in the physical stores. According to the staff, most of the people seeking cars at present are white-collar workers. Considering that most customers' needs are mainly light saving, workforce recovery and commuting, the store is now offering two main new national standard discount models at $1,899 and $2,399, with an average of two or three cars sold per day.
In addition to price reductions, some brands of mid-range models of 2,000-3,000 yuan have services such as masks, wheel locks and lost car insurance coverage added to the purchase price to attract consumers to buy. An electric car store staff said that since the resumption of work, takeout brothers, housing agents have been the main source of the store's customers, 3,000 to 3,500 yuan, with a full set of lost car bags, free car wash cards, preferential power exchange mode are more popular, the current store sales than the initial rebound of 80%.

On April 19, after the 418th shopping festival after the market big data show that the search volume of electric motorcycle products than the same period last year increased nearly five times, sales increased 41.3% than the same period last year, of which 8,000 electric bikes were sold, electric motorcycle helmets and gloves and other peripheral supporting products also increased significantly.
In addition, some brand manufacturers are broadcasting live and selling their goods online. Not long ago, the DouPrint platform simulcasted a new product from an electric bike brand. Within two hours, it was viewed 185,600 times online and received 1 million likes and interactions. The new sales method attracted consumers from all over the world to order cars.
The new national standard requires electric bicycles to have a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and a weight of no more than 55 kilograms for the entire vehicle, including the battery. For this reason, brand manufacturers have been producing lightweight lithium battery models and introducing more design-conscious and cost-effective lithium electric bikes. According to relevant data, the domestic electric bicycle market size will reach 60 million units this year, of which the total sales of new vehicles will reach 28 million units.

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