Is it better to buy an electric bicycle with lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries?

For the first time to buy an electric bicycle friends, we will certainly have a lot of do not understand the problem, for example, now there are 2 versions of electric bicycles, respectively, lead-acid batteries and lithium battery version, so the first time to buy an electric bicycle white, in the end, choose the lead-acid battery is good? Or is it better to buy a lithium battery? I'll tell you the answer.

Generally speaking, the same model of lithium battery is more expensive than the lead-acid battery, but the service life of lithium battery is longer, more cycles, and lighter quality.
electric bicycle
1, within the budget, the preferred choice of lithium models
If you are buying an electric bike for the first time, if you are within the budget, give priority to the lithium model. Although lithium-ion models are expensive, the range is longer, the body is lighter, and parking and charging is more convenient.

2、Under 3,000 yuan, prefer lead-acid models
In order to save costs, electric bikes under 3000 yuan generally use small capacity lithium batteries (48V12-15Ah). This limits the range. If you switch to the 60V20Ah lead-acid battery version, the range can be improved by about double.
electric bicycle
3, buy the new national standard electric bicycle, give priority to lithium battery models.
The new national standard electric bicycle has strict technical standards restrictions, lead-acid batteries due to their own quality is too heavy, will affect the strength of the body, usually only safe 48V12Ah lead-acid batteries, not only bulky, but also not far. However, replaced by 48V20Ah lithium battery version, the range can reach more than 60 km.
electric bicycle
Another advantage is that the lithium battery is lighter and takes up less space, then the rest of the body can be expanded, which can increase the user's ride space.

4、High-power electric motorcycle, prefer lead-acid battery
High-power electric motorcycle is fast, the center of gravity is too high, it is easy to shift, if the lead-acid battery is installed, it can balance the position of the center of gravity, so that the whole car is more stable. If you want to pursue both speed and range, you need to carry a larger capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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