Is it better to charge an e-bike every day, or is it better to charge it when the power runs out?

The number of motor vehicles in China has reached 365 million, of which cars take up the lion's share, having exceeded 270 million. This data shows that the living standard of our people has been significantly improved, and more and more people are willing to choose to buy private cars to travel. Although the total number of private cars in China is rising, there are still many people who do not buy private cars, considering that there is a gap between the rich and the poor in our society and that cars are not cheap as a more luxurious life item. In our market, the price of electric bicycles is usually below 10,000 yuan, and they are not affected at all when private cars are stuck in traffic jams. So this part of the population, in addition to choosing public transportation, has also turned its attention to electric bicycles.

As you can see from the name, electric bicycles are powered by electricity, so their core component must be the battery. As the battery is the component that provides the power source for the electric bicycle, the storage capacity is also limited, so the user will face the problem of charging the electric bicycle. Is it better to charge an electric bike every day or after it is used up? Let's discuss this issue below.
For those who have doubts about the charging frequency of electric bikes, the daily mileage of riding with electric bikes must be very limited, because those who travel a long distance and use a lot of electricity, charging every day is inevitable. So the frequency of charging should be combined with the user's use of the situation, if the daily power consumption of more than half of the battery, it must be charged every day, otherwise you are likely to encounter the next day halfway out of power.

In short, the first criterion for determining the frequency of charging is how much power you will use each day. If the frequency of the use of electric bicycles is very low, then you have to consider which type of battery battery used in electric bicycles, because frequent charging is not good for the battery, over time will damage the battery, and finally the phenomenon of power loss, but will affect its service life.
From the point of view of the materials used in the battery, battery car batteries are mainly lead-acid batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries, the former relies on sulfuric acid to store electricity, if the long-term in a dead state, the electrolyte of lead-acid batteries will deteriorate. When the owner remembers to use the battery car, it will be found that the battery car has not been able to store electricity.
The second type of nickel-hydrogen battery, this battery uses potassium hydroxide solution to fill the electrolyte, and its performance is better than the lead-acid battery battery, so the battery car with nickel-hydrogen battery is also more expensive. This kind of battery car is usually used up before charging, and if you want to put the battery car aside for a while, it is best to store it after it is fully charged.

How about, after reading these, do you know how electric bikes should be charged? If you don't, you should change it right away, otherwise it will easily damage the battery and reduce the service life of the battery. As for those friends who use more than half of the electricity every day, they must be charged every day to avoid causing trouble to themselves.

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