Is the brighter the electric bike headlight, the better?

People who have had night riding experience know that night riding is not as convenient as day, the main reason is poor visibility and narrow field of view at night. In fact, night riding is not only inconvenient, but also more dangerous than during the day - domestic and international traffic accident data show that the accident rate of night driving, about two times the day! Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right headlight.

So, what kind of electric bike headlights can guarantee the safety of night riding?
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Headlights are a safety component on electric bicycles. In recent years, the level of lighting-related technology has become higher and higher. LED light sources are widely used in various industries because of their high brightness, long life and low maintenance rate. And to really ensure the safety of electric bicycle headlights and save, the following points still need to focus on and constantly improve.
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First is the light decay, due to the existence of light decay, headlights inevitably darker, so to make the headlight with a long and bright, control light decay is the key. And light decay and the temperature of the light source is closely related, so the use of headlights radiator is also crucial.
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In addition to light decay, the headlight light pattern is also worth exploring. Different from ordinary lights, in order to ensure a clear and open line of sight for night riding, car lights have higher requirements for the angle of light and irradiation distance, requiring a wide enough angle without dead ends, shining to the range of road conditions clearly visible.

In summary, we need to take into account the brightness, light type, life expectancy and light failure when choosing an electric bicycle headlight. Choose a good headlight, comply with traffic regulations, safe travel, safe home.

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