Is there anything special about the first charge of a new electric bike?

Electric bicycle battery is an issue of great concern to everyone. Often users will ask me when they buy an electric bike, "How should I charge the electric bike for the first time? Is it also like a new purchase, first to use up all the electricity inside, to a little electricity, and then to charge"? Some users also asked: "Now that the battery is installed, do I need to charge it? I can ride home later?"?

Here we take the lead-acid battery as an example. When the new battery is installed on the car, there is already electricity inside, about 80%-85% of the power. If the time put a little longer, the power may be a little less, about 70% is normal.

Because the battery warranty is calculated according to the date of manufacture, so dealers will control the amount of batteries in stock. Will not store too much, who are afraid to put a long time after the trouble. After all, the warranty is beyond the manufacturer's statute of limitations, and the warranty to the user has not expired is very troublesome. After all, a group of batteries to several hundred dollars.
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Brand new batteries are not put too long, so that the general battery, the longest inventory time will not exceed three months, basically about a month to two months, so most of the battery, just installed when there is 70% to 80% of the power.

Most of the users are within ten kilometers of the surrounding area, the day you buy back is not required to charge. The principle of charging is this: whether it is a new car or an old car, we charge the battery is, in the power remaining about 30% to 40% before charging, and charging is best when the power is full at once. In the summer, because the battery is more active, charging time, about 7 to 8 hours to be full. If it is winter may take up to 10 to 12 hours or so. Of course, the specific situation depends on how much power is left inside, the battery inside the remaining power charging time will be shorter, if the power is less, charging time is a little longer.

Let's answer the question at the top: the first charge is not to use up all the electricity like a cell phone, and then charge?
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I'm not sure if this is true for cell phones. But there is no such statement for the first charge of an electric bike. And no matter what time it is, you should avoid discharging the battery to the under-voltage protection state. That is, the car will not even move. This is very damaging to the battery. You must remember to avoid this situation. If the car stops supplying power to the motor due to undervoltage protection, the voltage of the battery will rise after a few minutes of stay. At this time the car can ride for a short time, but it is best not to ride.

Here, by the way, when charging a problem, after riding a certain distance, we just stop the car, try not to charge immediately, slightly let the car first, 20 minutes to half an hour, and then charging. After the car has just been ridden, the battery is a bit hot after being discharged, so if we charge it immediately, the battery itself will be hot when charging, which will speed up the evaporation of the electrolyte inside.
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Most of the users charge their electric bikes at night, basically they put the car there at night to charge and unplug it in the morning.

If the charging time is not good, we can also go to the hardware store to buy a timing socket, and that kind of socket is not expensive, 15-20 dollars a piece.

What's your better opinion or method about charging for the first time? Welcome to leave a message in the comments!

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