It can be regarded as the "face value responsibility" in the electric bicycle industry in 2021

In this age of looking at faces, everyone is eager to look good, and the same is true when choosing electric bicycles. No matter how strong the performance is, the look must be online. It is important to be worthy of yourself! Looking at the major brands in the industry, the editor has selected several online products with attractive appearance, and let’s take a look at which one is worthy of the “appearance responsibility” in the electric bicycle industry in 2021?

CLB electric bicycle
Simple and atmospheric appearance, classic and refreshing color scheme is very attractive. Not exaggerated, but with personality, matching the passion and sports elements that young people love, very trendy temperament. The first sight of TA gives people a young, clean and fashionable feeling. The CLB electric bicycle embodies the efforts of the design team of TESGO industrial design company. From the beginning of the design, it has pursued the enjoyment of external beauty. The smart lines, graceful arcs and curved surfaces of the car body shape highlight a graceful and elegant appearance. The cut surface of the whole vehicle plastic parts is more three-dimensional, giving people a sense of freedom and fashion.
electric bicycle
X5 electric bicycle
The X5 electric bicycle designed by TESGO is dominated by geometric elements. The design is simple and colorful but not simple. Everywhere shows the technological content and exquisite workmanship. The simple geometric design allows the beauty under your feet to travel freely. The body uses magnesium alloy materials, which have high strength, good rigidity, excellent toughness, strong shock absorption, and mechanical properties are better than ordinary alloy materials. More ideal cruising range, 4 hours of charging, running 35 kilometers. Original imported power LG batteries are not only safer and more environmentally friendly, but also more durable. Always maintain a sufficient, stable, and safe supply of capabilities, taking you to connect all corners of the city at will to create the last mile of ecological travel.
electric bicycle
x7 electric bicycle
The body adopts one-piece die-casting molding process, aviation magnesium alloy material, lightweight and one-piece molding, so that it has more than one side: light weight, pressure resistance, friction resistance, and beautiful shape. Slightly improved, durability improved, waterproof and rust-proof. Let easy riding become a habit and fun. TESGO Pinxiang Industrial Design Company adopts the dynamic design concept, the integrated magnesium alloy body design, the shape is more dynamic, showing a forward and upward trend, taking into account the placement of the battery, and taking into account the "slenderness" and "lightness of the body" ", to avoid bloat. Taking into account the transportation and storage of the car, a foldable design is made, which is simple to operate and easy to complete.
electric bicycle
After reading the above products, which one can be worthy of the "face value responsibility" in the electric bicycle industry in 2021? Please leave a message to communicate.

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