It's all dry goods! The most practical maintenance tips for electric bicycles in rainy season

Recently, it has been rainy and continuous in various parts of the country. The sky is leaking and the next day is not stopping. Everywhere is wet, clothes are not dry, and travel is also a headache. As a means of transportation for the general public, electric bicycles are also issued from time to time. Emotions "even "strikes." When the humidity is heavy on rainy days, our bodies need to be recuperated. For our daily travel, the maintenance of electric bicycles is also very important and cannot be neglected. Now, the editor of the industrial design company offers you the most practical The maintenance tips for electric bicycles in the rainy season are full of dry goods. It is recommended to collect them!

Preliminary inspection
In the rainy season, the air is humid. Even if the electric bicycle is parked and not ridden, its daily maintenance must be exquisite. You have to know that the circuit of an electric bicycle is often exposed, and the connectors connected to the controller, the motor, etc. are easy to short-circuit due to the humid air in the rainy day. The easiest way is to try to completely cover the electric bicycle with a shelter such as a poncho, or park the electric bicycle in a ventilated and dry place.
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At the same time, be careful not to let the electric bicycle body get damp, especially the water drops around the electric bicycle battery and on the body. You must wipe it with a clean flannel or cotton cloth in time to keep the body dry. Before traveling, we must check the performance of the car in advance, pay more attention to the braking performance of the electric bicycle and the anti-skid performance of the tires. On rainy days, the ground is slippery, and riding is easy to slip, so these are essential safety checks.
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Slow in the rain
When cycling to and from get off work on rainy days, the most worrying thing is temporary rain during the ride. In this case, you must slow down your riding speed, because the road is slippery and your vision is blurred. If you are riding at high speed, it is easy to slip and side slip. So remember that the road must be safe first. . There are also special brakes on rainy days. It is necessary to judge the road conditions in advance, brake slowly, and avoid sudden braking to avoid accidental injuries caused by out of control of the wheels.

In case of flooded roads, do not jump over by bicycle easily. You should choose a road with shallow water, and the water depth should not exceed half of the wheel. This is because the motor of an electric bicycle is generally located in the center of the rear wheel. Once the motor is damp or water enters, the electric bicycle components in the lighter ones will be short-circuited and unable to work, and the heavy ones are likely to cause a series of problems such as spontaneous combustion of the electric bicycle.
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After riding an electric bicycle on a rainy day, take care of it in time and do not park it, otherwise there will be water in the car for a long time and it will continue to be damp. Before the whole vehicle is energized and started, the battery and the connection socket should be wiped clean with a fine flannel or cotton cloth to avoid a short circuit. If you find that the chain is rusty after riding the electric bicycle in the rain, use a cleaning agent to wipe off the mildew in time, and then wash it with diesel.
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If you are worried that you can't handle it well, it is recommended to go to a professional electric bicycle dealer or repair shop for maintenance.

Reminder: Your careful maintenance will make your electric bicycle run farther and last longer! Have you learned the tips on maintenance of electric bicycles in the rainy season?

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