Only 30 luxury electric bicycles sold worldwide

In its 10 years of history, TESGO has designed numerous classics for Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and others. Romeo and other major manufacturers. Now the company wanted to expand its business, and it chose to do so - with electric bicycles. And so, CLIMBER was born. On the outside, the CLIMBER is simply ordinary to a high degree, but inside it has a lot to offer.

The CLIMBER was inspired by those 1930s custom luxury cars, and the interlocking grain leather on the handlebars and saddle, provided by the old Italian leather goods dealer The Bridge, represents the Lancia Astura Bocca launched by TESGO in 1936.
electric bicycles
The CLIMBER is equipped with a 350-watt rear-wheel motor and has a top speed of 34 miles per hour. You can recharge the lithium-ion battery by pedaling or regenerative braking, so the CLIMBER theoretically does not require dedicated charging.
electric bicycles
Every part of the CLIMBER reflects TESGO's unique refinement. The frame is made of Zero DR chromoly steel tubing from Italian manufacturer Dedacciai, with a top tube wrapped in walnut. There is also a Campagnolo Veloce braking system, BLB Pista Vera discs and Kevlar-reinforced Panaracer Rimbo tires. It is truly exquisite.
electric bicycles
The CLIMBER, of which only 30 are sold worldwide, is of course extremely valuable, but unfortunately it is too gorgeous but too low-key, so it is definitely not possible to show off.

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