Outlawing electric bicycles and electric tricycles?

As an e-biker, when I read someone's question "Why doesn't China ban e-bikes and tricycles?" I feel five mixed feelings: shock, contempt, desire to laugh, and finally helplessness, loneliness, and even sadness.

Even though China today is a large society with 350 million electric two-wheelers and 100 million electric three-wheelers, there are still many "elites" who know nothing about e-bikes and are hostile to them. What's even scarier is that they don't realize what's wrong with them.
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I particularly remember a 2019 CCTV program in which "experts" who had no idea why the new standard was introduced boldly said, "The new standard has greatly improved the driving speed of e-bikes," "The changes to the new standard do not affect users' purchases," and so on, much to the surprise of e-bike people.

Once upon a time, "experts" were synonymous with professionalism, but they have been unprofessional in the field of electric bicycles many times, which also represents the misunderstanding of many "elites" about electric bicycles. People who grew up in the honey pot do not realize how big the income gap is among China's 1.4 billion people. They only parrot the words of Emperor Hui of the Jin Dynasty, "Why don't you eat minced meat?
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Not long ago, Wen Jiabao solemnly told the world that China still has "600 million people with low and middle incomes and below, with an average monthly income of about 1,000 yuan. This is the most real China.

And a small electric bicycle is the simplest way to travel for people with low incomes and below.
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First of all, in China's 700 million people in rural areas, electric bicycles are simply a godsend for travel and a great aid for agricultural work. Anyone who lives in a rural area knows that without an electric bike, it is difficult to walk two or three kilometers from the village to the market. When farming is busy, electric tricycles can carry people and pull crops, which are needed by every household.

In cities, workers also rely heavily on electric bicycles. In my own case, I have personally experienced the dilemma of not being able to wait for a direct bus and not being able to fight the subway. It takes an hour to go to work for a short 5 km, while electric bicycles can easily solve the travel problem with low cost and convenient and efficient travel.
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The electric tricycle in the city mainly undertakes the mission of sending fast cars, and is also a new type of elderly leisure tricycle that emerges along with the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, which is a manifestation of social progress. However, some people think that electric bicycles are beasts from an alien world.
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After all, most of the people who want to ban e-bikes are private cars. They always think that e-bikes take away their right of way. In fact, do they think that if everyone drove a private car, the roads would be more crowded? Or helicopter riders might think it's better to ban cars and build more tarmacs. How can people be so willful?

Born as human beings, why do we have to be in a dilemma? If the proposal is so capricious, then I propose to "ban private cars completely.

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