Recommend an electric bike around $2000, this electric bike is a good deal to buy

Electric bicycle as an important tool for our daily travel, every day on the road grinding, compared to ordinary appliances to work much harder, under normal circumstances, the life of an electric bicycle for 6 years, the price is generally between 2000-6000 U.S. dollars, electric bicycle prices also have high and low, quality is also mixed, the previous article also said, as far as the cost of production of electric bicycles, a As mentioned earlier, in terms of the cost of producing an e-bike, a $3000 e-bike is considered reliable. The quality, range, configuration and power are relatively balanced. But there are many friends feel that it is still too expensive, only $2000 budget, what kind of electric bike should I buy? The following will teach you a few tricks.
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The same two models of e-bikes, if one is priced at $3000 and the other at $2000, the quality of the latter is definitely not as good as the former, and the quality of workmanship, range and power must be defective in one aspect.

In addition, electric bicycle battery prices are battery manufacturers, the cost of the battery compression may be relatively small, 2000 U.S. dollars including battery electric bicycle, the cost of the battery accounts for 3-4%, remove the battery, in addition to the motor, controller, charging, tires, frame, plastic parts such as large parts, in addition to manufacturers and business profits have not been counted, these costs are divided down, the main accessories The price is much lower than the market price, 200 yuan to buy a motor, 100 yuan to buy a controller, even if you buy, the quality is not guaranteed ah.
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First of all, choose a small battery, that is, 36V12Ah and below, because the smaller the number of batteries, the smaller the capacity, the lower the cost of the battery accounted for the whole car, and simple models of electric bicycle body light, supplies are also less, do not need too many features and configuration, compared to motorcycle models of electric bicycle, the cost is lower, the corresponding materials and quality have a certain guarantee! 2000 USD The simple model of electric bicycle generally rides for 6 years is no problem.
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In addition, the choice of regional brands is more reliable than miscellaneous brands, the big brands of electric bikes $2000 and below is basically non-existent. Some small and medium-sized brands and miscellaneous brands are still available, but note that you would rather choose a small brand with a certain brand awareness, and do not go to a treasure or repair store to buy an unknown miscellaneous brand, in an accident, I'm afraid you can not find someone. Small brands, after all, have some channel support and can go after-sales service.
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The $2000 electric bike for many students, or short-term workers in the city, is not a good choice, because they do not need long-term use in a certain place, may change hands and sell it. But still note that even if it is cheap, the safety of the car can not be ignored!

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