Smart grid gives birth to electric bicycle power exchange industry

The electric bicycle flying in the streets and alleys has become a beautiful scenery in the city. Riding an electric bike for a ride is both low-carbon and relaxing. At a time when the wave of intelligence is permeating every industry, can electric bicycles still be "indifferent" and "blind"?

The electric bicycle industry has grown from scratch to become the largest market in the world. After years of development, the electric bicycle industry has become increasingly market-oriented and competitive. Electric bicycle manufacturers are gradually pulling away from each other in terms of scale, profitability, competitiveness and market influence, and the hierarchy is obvious. The progress of new technologies and materials has also boosted the iterative upgrading of electric auto products.
From the perspective of 2019, the sales of traditional brands of electric autos continue to show a growing trend, and people rely on traditional electric bicycle products to a high degree. In this regard, some analysts believe that the next stage of the development of traditional electric bicycle brands must be more and more intelligent, which is the general trend, but also the social development must be experienced by the winners and losers. So, what effect can be achieved after the electric bicycle intelligence?

In terms of anti-theft, e-bikes equipped with GPS positioning function can display the current location of the vehicle and will automatically record the movement track, which makes it easy for police and owners to find stolen vehicles. Based on the IoT positioning terminal, the frequency of vehicle use, cycling distance analysis and visualization of cycling scenes can be realized to assist vehicle enterprises in analyzing users' vehicle use habits and cycling preferences, which has also become a major grasp for electric vehicle manufacturers to accelerate product upgrades.
From April 15, 2019, the new mandatory national standard for electric bicycles, "Safety Technical Specification for Electric Bicycles," came into effect. Under the guidance of the new national standard, it is difficult to accommodate the conventional lead-acid battery with a limited body weight of 55 kg. Without sacrificing range, lithium battery becomes the darling of two-wheeled electric bicycle with a smaller volume to release more kinetic energy. With the gradual opening of the electric vehicle sales market, the demand for lithium batteries will also increase. The further maturity of core technologies such as batteries, the entry of new forces in electronic information and the Internet, the arrival of safer and more efficient autonomous driving and sharing models.

In fact, the power, range, charging time, and convenience of charging are some of the points that the majority of residents are quite concerned about in the process of using electric bicycles. In recent years, there have been a handful of fire accidents caused by unregulated charging of e-bikes. In response to these problems and the growing demand, the market has also given birth to the electric bicycle replacement industry.
In the past, e-bikes existed simply as a means of travel. The intelligent upgrade of human-computer connectivity will lead to profound changes in the human-computer interaction experience of e-bikes. In short, the electric bicycle is no longer just a car, but a partner for people to travel, a helper for travel life, and a big way for people to practice the concept of green travel.
The future development of the electric vehicle market towards intelligence and green economy seems to be inevitable. In addition to the intelligent upgrade of electric vehicles, traditional car enterprises also need to consider how to create a new ecology of the electric vehicle industry from products to services, to further enhance brand awareness and influence. The combination of power electrification and system intelligence to form a transportation energy Internet, that is, with electric vehicles as the core, the smart grid, distributed photovoltaic, battery storage from disorderly charging to form an orderly charging, and finally to vehicle network interaction, is also a key step that industry players need to work together.

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