Talking about the Necessity of Application of Liquid-cooled Motor in Electric Bicycle Industry

In 2020, Luyuan, a well-known enterprise in the electric bicycle industry, launched the "liquid-cooled motor" technology. The release of this technology quickly caused a sensation in the electric bicycle industry. Some experts in the electric bicycle industry believe that "liquid-cooled motors" will have revolutionary significance for the electric bicycle industry. However, in the eyes of most people, electric bicycles are just a short-distance transportation tool. Does it really need a "liquid-cooled motor"? The answer is need.
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The electric bicycle industry suffers from "bad motor heat dissipation" for a long time. After users buy a brand new electric bicycle, after 1-2 years of use, the electric bicycle will feel that the performance of the electric bicycle is not as good as when they first bought it. At this time, many users choose to replace the battery. The battery was replaced, and the cruising range in a short period of time was indeed improved. However, the electric bicycles will not run far after a long time. Some consumers are overwhelmed and will "trade in old" to buy new electric bicycles. In fact, the shortened battery life of an electric bicycle that has been used for 1-2 years is not just a battery problem, but more importantly, the problem comes from the motor.
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A senior electric bicycle repairer revealed that after using an electric bicycle for 1-2 years, the motor will experience varying degrees of demagnetization and rusting, resulting in a decrease in motor performance, and the electric bicycle will naturally not run far. If the demagnetization and rust problems of the motor are traced to the source, it is not difficult to find that they are all caused by high temperature. The motor generates heat when it is running. The traditional motor has poor heat dissipation effect and the motor is relatively closed. After the heat is accumulated, high temperature will be generated. High temperature will cause the magnetic steel sheet of the motor to demagnetize. In addition, high temperature will heat the air in the motor and increase the pressure inside the motor. , The gas will be discharged out of the motor. When the motor stops working, the internal temperature drops, and the outside air will enter the motor with water vapor. If there is more water vapor, the motor will rust over time.
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How should we deal with high temperatures? The answer given by Luyuan is a liquid-cooled motor. By transforming the internal design and structure of the motor, Luyuan injected insulating coolant into the motor, creating a "liquid-cooled motor". The coolant inside the liquid-cooled motor can conduct the heat generated by the motor to the metal shell of the motor in time. On the other hand, the heat of the motor shell will be taken away by the fast-flowing air outside, realizing efficient heat dissipation; Luyuan liquid-cooled motor also creates an original gas exchange system, which can absorb the moisture in the air when it is sucked in, and it also has both hot and cold gas. The exchange function, used with the sealing ring, realizes multiple waterproofing, and the problem of motor rust is also solved.
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At present, the warranty period of ordinary electric bicycle motors on the market is 2-3 years, while the warranty period of Luyuan liquid-cooled motors is as long as 6 years. It can be seen that Luyuan is very confident in its innovative liquid-cooled motor technology. In fact, not only Luyuan, but a group of electric bicycle industry experts also have a high evaluation of liquid-cooled motors. They believe that liquid-cooled motors will be of great significance to the upgrading and high-quality development of the electric bicycle industry.

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