Ten Do Not Ride Electric Bicycles


According to incomplete statistics, in the past five years, a total of 56,200 road traffic accidents involving electric bicycle accidents resulting in casualties, 8,431 deaths, 63,500 injuries and direct property damage of 111 million yuan. These numbers are shocking!

The current situation of electric bicycle safety
Electric vehicles are simple to operate and simple to ride a bicycle, and many bicyclists believe that they are skilled and can handle accidents without incident. Many people instinctively believe that electric vehicles are the weak side and frankly can't manage not to be afraid of management, becoming the bully on the road, other cars must give way, electric vehicle violations are becoming more and more prominent, and traffic accidents with electric vehicles are on the rise.
Electric Bicycles
The victims are often electric car drivers, and most electric car owners are not responsible for themselves.
Compared with motor vehicles, electric vehicles are in a vulnerable position, motor vehicles are "iron wrapped meat", while electric vehicles are "meat wrapped iron", and it is often the electric vehicle driver who suffers after an accident. Electric car drivers do not wear helmets, run red lights, driving in the opposite direction, illegal to carry people and objects, and other phenomena prominent, is very easy to cause accidents, such disregard for their own lives and the lives of their families, not only to add chaos to the traffic order, and threaten their own safety, is extremely irresponsible performance for themselves and their families.
Electric bicycle driving safety knowledge for reference.
Electric Bicycles
Remember the ten don'ts
1. Don't run red lights.
2. Don't cross the road at will.
3. Don't speed.
4. Don't carry people on your bicycle.
5. Do not drive in the opposite direction.
6. Don't drink and drive.
7. Don't ride a bicycle with something in your hand.
8. Don't change the road at will and fight with cars.
9. Do not follow cars in close proximity and ride side by side.
10. Don't ride your bicycle in the car lane or on the highway.

Electric Bicycles
In other words, ride an electric bicycle, the end of the work must remember the safety knowledge, do not run red lights, do not cross the line, do not go against the traffic, do not sit on the highway, cross the intersection to control the speed, look left and right.

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