TESGO makes the new e-bike both good-looking and good-riding

After the implementation of the "new standard" for electric bikes, many users complained that the new standard electric bikes are not comfortable to ride, weak in power, and tired of riding. So, is there a new standard electric bicycle that is comfortable and beautiful, but also powerful?

There is! It is the CLIMBER from TESGO, a new force in car making, which is a bold innovation within the framework of the new standard, starting from styling, ergonomics, color, materials and accessories, and intelligent control, changing the stereotype that more than 95% of the new standard e-bikes on the market are "exposed skeleton, short vehicle, short seat, ugly appearance, long ride, sore and numb". In addition to the superb motor system, CLIMBER has also made qualitative improvements in terms of power performance and riding comfort, and has developed and tuned the three major components - battery, motor and controller - to make the new standard e-bike look good, ride well and be smart.
The battery is like the heart of an electric bicycle, the source of power. Relying on Helen One's global top R&D technology, TESGO has developed an automotive-grade power super battery in conjunction with Helen One. The battery adopts large cylindrical cells with high energy density, and is also equipped with an advanced power management system that can be fully cycled for more than 2,000 times, with an expected life span of up to 10 years, which is four or five times longer than ordinary batteries and a range of 70 miles. The super battery also supports fast charging, which can be fully charged in 1 hour and can be ridden for 1 hour even after 15 minutes of charging, which can greatly save charging time.

In terms of motor, TESGO electric bicycle is equipped with 350W high-efficiency silent motor with imported components and precise detection of rotor position, which makes the power more abundant, climbing stronger and driving more powerful. According to the new standard, 350W is the maximum power on the market, and the average electric bicycle is only 350W. You should know that the power of the motor directly determines the speed and torque of the electric bicycle, that is to say, under the condition of certain voltage and current, the higher the power of the motor, the higher the torque output, the faster the starting acceleration, and the stronger the climbing ability. Moreover, the motor of TESGO electric bicycle is maintenance-free and performs well in terms of conversion efficiency, output power, response speed and noise control.
Good power output and driving experience, in addition to the power super battery and high efficiency motor, also need excellent controller "brain", in order to play a stable potential. The controller is a core component that simulates the DC power in the battery into AC power to control the motor speed, and can be used to control the start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices on the electric bike, and is called the "brain of the electric bike".

TESGO electric bicycle is equipped with intelligent vector controller, which ensures good power output of the vehicle through accurate sine wave control algorithm, makes the motor running quietly and increases riding comfort, while the starting torque increases and the start is smoother without obvious abruptness, making the ride smoother and more fluid.
TESGO electric bicycle equipped with this controller can realize constant speed operation, more energy-saving, and can effectively extend the range. It also has a weak magnetic speed feature, which not only realizes high efficiency of motor operation, but also further protects the motor magnets and extends the life of the motor.
In addition, the integrated streamlined design of the body is aerodynamic, effectively reducing wind resistance; the super grip of the special tires can steadily grab the ground when suddenly speeding up, and the speed is smooth and fast.

As a high-frequency travel tool, the electric bicycle is the first choice of 80% of the nation's travelers, with a daily usage of over 1 billion times. More comfortable, more relaxed, more elegant.

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