The $999 TESGO electric bike and the LeTV smart car, which one do you choose?

While LeEco's smart bike tops out at $6,178, the TESGO e-Bike is priced at $999, or about RMB 19,000, and the product is now officially available.

The car is called TESGO CLIMBER e-Bike, and the e-Bike's shape is designed to mimic the style of a motorcycle. Both lightweight and sturdy aluminum body, with the front spring shock absorber, so that the e-Bike riding experience is more relaxed and comfortable.
electric bike
It can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a maximum distance of 100 km under pure electric power.
electric bike
It uses components such as BOSCH power components, display panel and motor. All cycling-related data such as power and riding mileage can be displayed on the on-board panel in real time.
electric bike
The e-Bike is equipped with a professional-grade mountain cross-country kit. It has five modes: off, economy, touring, sport and turbo. The modes can be switched manually, the higher the level the more power consuming the mode is, and the corresponding riding experience will be more relaxed.

Well, I'll investigate, which one will you choose compared to this car and the LeTV Smart Car?

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