The era of electric bicycle intelligence has arrived!

With the continuous development of Internet technology, intelligent services have penetrated into every aspect of people's lives. For the electric bicycle industry, intelligent Internet of things technology has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of electric bicycle enterprises in the past two years.

In this context, how to create a product that satisfies consumers has become a problem that many electric bicycle companies need to consider in depth. Cool appearance, personalized fashion; easy to drive, like a car can automatically navigate; out shopping parking, do not have to find a car in a sea of cars; security, parking, no longer afraid of vehicle loss; intelligent and convenient, anytime, anywhere, cell phone control car. Electric bicycle companies only from the rigid needs of consumers, in order to make products welcomed by the market, in order to "survive" in the fierce market competition.
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Get rid of the status quo, seek development, solve the industry homogenization and price war chaos, not only to the user's travel radius brings a new choice, but also need enterprises with "electric bicycle + Internet" thinking to lead and promote the traditional electric bicycle industry to renew.

In the face of the shortcomings and shortcomings of the current two-wheeled e-bike industry in terms of intelligence, TESGO Technology, a solution provider representing intelligent products for two-wheeled vehicles, has combined practical and innovative thinking to give traditional e-bikes a "new look" and provide new ideas for the transformation and development of the e-bike industry.
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Intelligent Travel System
Start the era of intelligent network connection of electric bicycle
TESGO Technology's independently designed intelligent dashboard seamlessly combines IOT technology with e-bikes, and realizes the interconnection of "car, thing and person" by collecting real-time information from vehicles through intelligent devices installed on e-bikes. Users can perform a series of intelligent operations on the e-bike just through their cell phones. The combination of cell phone control, vehicle self-check, light control, gear adjustment, cell phone charging, cell phone meter display and other black technologies breaks the status quo of low-end products in the industry and provides consumers with a new electric bicycle driving experience, and makes human-vehicle interaction fun.
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In addition, the intelligent management platform provided by TESGO also empowers traditional car manufacturers and dealers, greatly enhancing the added value of e-bike companies' products.

TESGO electric bicycle big data cloud platform with the Internet of Things, cloud computing, intelligent terminal, mobile network, big data and other technologies, to provide brand manufacturers with terminal management, vehicle management, user management, after-sales service quality data control and other data from various perspectives, to help car enterprises to make more accurate marketing decisions, to create a big data ecosystem of electric bicycles.
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Electric bicycle "intelligence" has become a major trend, for traditional car enterprises and dealers, seize the intelligence is to seize new opportunities. TESGO Technology also gives more ideas and imagination to electric bicycle enterprises in exploring the intelligent transformation and upgrading of electric bicycles, points out a new direction for the intelligent development of the electric bicycle industry, and helps traditional electric bicycle enterprises to take off with the east wind of the Internet.

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