The new crown epidemic, will produce these four major boosts to the electric bike industry!

The "new crown epidemic" not only tests the immunity of each person, but also the immunity of an enterprise, an industry and a country.
In short, the "new crown epidemic" will bring many changes to the electric bicycle industry, how to adapt, survive and develop in the process of change, how companies and enterprises need to consider, I think it may change in the following four areas.
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1. Changes in government management's perception of electric bicycles
China's electric bicycle was born in 1995, but since the end of 2002, it has developed rapidly. The SARS epidemic in 2003 accelerated the development of electric bicycles, the core reason being that private vehicles effectively avoided the crossover problems caused by public traffic congestion.
This "new epidemic" has reshaped the advantages of the electric bicycle as a personal transportation, and even many academicians and experts are advocating electric bicycle travel This is an opportunity to refresh the community's understanding of the electric bicycle, which is conducive to the flexible implementation of the new national standards.
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2, the new new national standard implementation mode and time of change
The new national standard for electric bicycles has been officially implemented since April 15, 2019, and although it has been implemented for nearly half a year, the degree and manner of implementation is different because the "new crown epidemic" control needs to be suspended for a period of time in many areas in some regions due to the "epidemic Due to the "epidemic", electric bicycle "restrictions on specific roads" will also be issued. The transition time of the old and new standards is also facing variability.
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3, accelerate the transformation of the electric bicycle industry Internet
Compared with 3C digital, electronic consumption, home appliances, the electric bicycle industry Internet level is relatively low, especially the development of e-commerce is very slow, the product itself, logistics, customer service and other aspects of the problem, but also the problem of balancing the interests of the traditional sales model within the industry, many consumers through the network to understand the product, and even place an order will also accelerate the sales side of e-commerce, merchants will be through WeChat to enhance communication with users, which will help activate customer information and communication. Sales, service and management of the Internet is the overall progress of the industry.
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4, electric bicycle consumer groups will accelerate this change
The "New Crown Epidemic" will allow many commuters to choose e-bike travel because of the many traffic controls and the special positive role of e-bikes in the New Crown Epidemic. These will change the sensory perception and experience of many e-bike groups and change the safety of e-bike travel, more and more young people will join the ranks of the healthy and environmentally friendly, and more owners will increase the frequency of electric travel.
As the waves wash away the sand, those who change become strong, those who adapt to the environment stay strong, and we unite to fight the "epidemic", we calm down and think that what remains the same is the human desire for health, better life and better travel, what has changed in our development model and what is the logic of success.
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Here we also urge most users to be more obedient to traffic rules when choosing an e-bike. They can't do whatever they want because of personal transportation. Instead, they should be more law-abiding and safe driving e-bikes is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way to travel. We must obey the traffic rules to make it easier for managers to manage, to make traffic order smoother and to make e-bike travel more popular.

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