The slower the e-bike, the safer it is?

Is the slower the electric bike the safer it is? The following industrial design company Xiaobian to share some experience.

E-bike speed is relatively safe, speed, inertia, encounter emergency brakes are too late, the other day on the e-bike encountered an emergency situation, I was with 50 yards of speed behind the car normal driving, suddenly the car in front of the stop, I emergency brakes or too late, because of inertia, the car still moved forward more than a ten feet away, resulting in e-bike The front wheel of the e-bike turned the rear of the car, I sprained my right foot, knee and elbow joint parts were worn skin, clothes and shoes also worn, the good thing is that the bones and internal organs were not injured, only received superficial injuries.
The main reason is that the front car stopped sharply, and the secondary reason is that the electric bicycle speed is a little fast. Finally did not call the police, the rear of his car was damaged he paid for the repair, I received superficial injuries to deal with themselves. From their own personal experience, whatever the car, one is to comply with traffic rules, the second is to control the speed, in case of emergency to brake in time to avoid injury.

Experts believe that the slower the battery car the more completely, is completely wrong, such as driving it, newcomers to the road is slow enough, right? But why is still an accident? The reason is that the technology is not up to scratch. In case of emergency, take action too slowly, it is advisable to make operational errors and inexperience. Old people walk slowly? Why fall or the elderly, the reason is simple, stiff legs and feet, muscles and bones weakness.
Cycling is the same, by reaction, by skill, by respect for traffic regulations. The slow when you have to slow, the fast when you really should be fast, driving in the veteran know, either not to overtake, overtake will have to be fast, double-minded to lose the best time, but easy to accident. I say this is not to advocate you fast overtaking, but driving should depend on their own skills. Slow of course also has the benefit of slow, not one by one expression. In short, cyclists rely on cautious driving, obeying traffic laws is right.
Not the slower the safer ah, you think slow safety, but I think not necessarily, the electric bicycle slow does not mean that other cars slow ah, that if other vehicles tailgating electric bicycle, resulting in electric bicycle casualties, then what car?

No matter what car you ride, no matter how much speed, you need to obey the rules of the road! Always keep in mind that safety first!

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