Tips for solving common problems with electric bicycle controllers

I don't know if you've ever encountered a situation where your e-bike breaks down halfway, the battery is clearly charged and the P-gear is lifted, but the e-bike doesn't move at all when you turn the handle to the bottom. Why is this? This may be a problem with the controller. Today, TESGO Industrial Design will take you through the controller of an electric bicycle.

There are three important parts of an electric bicycle: the battery, the motor and the controller. If the motor is the "heart" of the e-bike, the core component "controller" is the "brain" of the e-bike. The controller is the component that controls the speed of the motor and is the core of the e-bike's power system. It is generally located under the pedal or rear cushion, and controls the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed and stop of the electric bicycle motor, and has protection functions such as undervoltage, current limit and brake power failure. After the owner's operating instructions are transmitted to the controller through the turn bar or switch, the controller performs corresponding operations to complete the owner's needs, such as acceleration, gear change, instrument display, etc.
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What are the symptoms of an electric bicycle controller?
1. Power does not go?
When you rotate the handlebar to accelerate, you will find that the dashboard data does not go, the motor does not turn, but the power level is full (check whether it enters P gear, and whether the brake is held down, if not). (Specific reasons can go to the service station to test and repair).
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2. Stop and go?
The battery has power, but the electric bicycle will automatically cut off when driving. This situation is initially determined to be a problem of poor line contact or controller.
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How to protect the controller of electric bicycle?
When riding, try to avoid frequent uphill and downhill acceleration and deceleration, potholes, frequent bumps and vibrations of the controller, time accumulation will occur damage, internal device damage, resulting in signal misalignment, therefore causing partial failure of the e-bike function. The controller has been adjusted to the best condition at the factory, if there is an electrical fault or loss of control when riding, non-professional maintenance personnel can only check the cable wiring, if you cannot troubleshoot, please contact a professional maintenance store immediately.

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