What are the advantages of e-bikes compared to motorcycles?

There are many cities in the country in the ban on motorcycles, do not know that the world is using motorcycles, but only the Chinese in the ban; domestic cities in the ban on electric bicycles, do not know that electric bicycles carry other modes of transport can not replace the responsibility, the same "motorized" two-wheeled vehicles, electric bicycles have their own advantages.

1, electric bicycle more energy-saving emission reduction.
Electric bicycle 100 kilometers of electricity consumption of 1.2 degrees, according to 80% of China's coal power generation, 10,000 kilometers per year, consumption of 45.6 kg of standard coal, emissions of carbon dioxide 96 kg. Motorcycle fuel consumption of 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers per year, consuming 250 liters of fuel, equivalent to 290.7 kg of standard coal, emissions of carbon dioxide 575 kg. So an electric bicycle instead of motorcycle 10,000 kilometers per year can save energy 245.1 kg of standard coal, can reduce emissions of 479 kg of standard coal, equivalent to planting 26 trees of emission reduction effect, equivalent to 4.79 million less plastic bags of emission reduction effect, so the electric bicycle is a more energy-saving emission reduction, more environmentally friendly transportation.
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2, electric bicycle is safer.
Electric bicycle is safer for a number of reasons, two of which are very important, on the one hand, motorcycles take the motorway, must be with the car; on the other hand, electric bicycle speed is slower, is 50-67% of the speed of motorcycles. Of course, from the data side can also prove that the electric bicycle is safer, motorcycle from 2001-2008 deaths were: 20224, 21909, 21156, 22835, 21895, 19993, 18158, 16270, while the electric bicycle from 2001-2008 deaths were: 34, 55, 87 589, 1037, 1601, 2469, 3107. In terms of the number of deaths, e-bikes are safer than motorcycles. It should be noted that at the end of 2008, the number of motorcycles was 89.5 million, while the number of e-bikes exceeded 140 million.
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3, electric bikes are more economical.
First of all, the average price of a motorcycle is about 6,000 yuan, while the average price of an electric bike is about 2,000 yuan, the higher is only 3,000 yuan, so the purchase price of an electric bike is only 30-50% of the motorcycle. Secondly, motorcycles consume 2.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which costs more than 18 yuan, while electric bikes consume 1.2 degrees of electricity per 100 kilometers, which is less than one yuan, and even with the battery depreciation fee, it is not more than 10% of the price of using a motorcycle. In addition, the motorcycle to take the driver's license, which is also a very considerable expenditure than.
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4. Electric bikes are more convenient and benefit a wider range of people.
The most convenient way to charge an electric bicycle is to pull a wire directly in the yard. And to refuel the motorcycle you have to go to a gas station, which is not available in every home, and rural gas stations present a more sparse distribution. Because the electric bike is easy to use, less expensive, not too fast, but also very safe, so his use of the group is very wide, almost all men and women can ride electric bikes, in addition to acting as a travel tool, earning money, dowry, a lot of people also use to park activities, send children to school and so on. So not only is it widely used, it is also very versatile.
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Of course, compared to motorcycles, electric bicycles also have disadvantages such as low speed and insufficient range, so from this perspective, there is an obvious competition between the two. Consumers can choose which product according to their own needs, according to the advantages and disadvantages of the two products to judge, in order to buy their own suitable products, and the advantages of electric bicycles can not be ignored.
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Many cities ban motorcycles and electricity, which is a very unreasonable management approach. In fact, most of the traffic accidents of electric bicycles are caused by owners who do not comply with traffic rules, so it is not the car itself, to find a way to control the owners, not to control the ban, this idea is too "administrative". A kitchen knife can also kill, if a person with a kitchen knife to cut people, you do not go to punish people, but to ban the kitchen knife, which is too funny.

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