What are the causes of electric bicycle fires?

With the development of the times, people's quality of life has improved dramatically and many families choose to purchase alternative tools to facilitate travel. Compared to cars and bicycles, electric bicycles are cheap, easy to ride and convenient to park by many families. However, while electric bicycles bring us convenience, they also pose a safety hazard that cannot be ignored.

What are the causes of electric bicycle fires?
The causes of electric bicycle fires are mainly divided into two parts: the first part is a spontaneous combustion fire caused by short-circuiting of electrical equipment in use, and the second part is during the charging process of electric bicycles, which is not maintained and regularly maintained by anyone due to long time charging.

So in the process of charging, it is easy to cause a short circuit of electrical appliances, which eventually leads to spontaneous combustion of electric bikes.
There are many electric wires inside the electric bicycle, some of them may be aging, the outside of these wires are rubber, if you use it for a long time and do not carry out a maintenance, in the process of charging, it may heat up and melt its rubber, it may cause a short circuit to these wires and eventually cause a fire.
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What should we pay attention to when using an electric car?
First, to regulate the use of electric vehicles, and regular maintenance.
Secondly, you can't modify the electric car privately, such as adding battery or changing the electric car circuit.

Electric car simulation experiments.
The experimental site was chosen to demolish a residential building. Specially treated electric bicycles were placed on the second floor of the building, and firefighters monitored the fire temperature and harmful gas carbon monoxide content on the second floor of the fire site.
Less than 10 minutes after turning on the charge, black smoke appeared on the e-bike, and less than 30 seconds after the short circuit, the open fire quickly spread to the e-bike components.

The fire quickly expanded, smoke rolled along the corridor, and 60 seconds later the vehicle was engulfed in flames and disfigured. According to firefighters' monitoring data, the carbon monoxide content in the smoke reached 260 ppm in 5 minutes. 3 to 5 people would have been incapacitated by inhalation, and the temperature also reached 198 degrees, far more than the 65 degrees the human body can withstand.
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Why do e-bike fires spread rapidly in a short period of time?
Because the e-bike itself is made up of plastic components with soft padding such as batteries, cotton, and cottons. There are many wires in itself, and these are prone to fire. Therefore, once it burns, it will spread very quickly.

What are the safety hazards associated with burning e-bikes in hallways?
Burning e-bikes release large amounts of toxic fumes and high temperature smoke, which are the leading cause of fire-related injuries and deaths. This is why it is forbidden to stop charging in corridors. In the event of a fire, the smoke will spread from the first floor and gradually upwards, creating a chimney effect on the stairs. Fleeing the room and pushing open the door to find no fire, but these toxic fumes are enough to lose consciousness in a short time and eventually suffocate to death.

What should I pay attention to when riding a bicycle?
These electric bicycles tend to be small, compact and nimble.
When driving on the road, it is called by many people as a meatbag iron, indicating that it has certain defects in its own safety and cannot protect the driver and passengers properly, so there are certain requirements for the driver.
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When carrying people on a bicycle, only one child under the age of twelve is allowed to be carried.
In the children riding battery car, many battery cars are often not specifically provided with child seats, so remind parents, if possible, it is best to specifically equipped with a seat for children, so that the words can greatly limit the energy, improve the protection of children. Nowadays, the speed of electric vehicles has been relatively fast, while parents are advised to give their children, as far as possible, with a safety helmet for themselves.

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