What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?After reading the heart will have the answer


Electric bicycles are still quite popular in people's lives, especially in cities. Even in the countryside now, there are still not even traces of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles have come into our lives because they are faster than pedal bicycles, do not need to pedal so tired, do not need to pedal to drive automatically, not as troublesome as motorcycle operation, etc. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it, please listen to the experts to carefully analyze it for you.

Disadvantages of electric bicycle
1, easy to blow a tire; if it is a good quality electric bicycle, of course, no problem, for example, more than 3000 yuan of electric bicycle, the quality can still be guaranteed.
2, the battery is easy to run out of power; if you run too far, or with too heavy luggage, it is easy to consume the battery power clean.
3, charging is not convenient; for example, suddenly on the road without power, then you can only push the minions. If you can foot pedal, you can also foot pedal. But if you want to find a place to charge, it may be a bit of trouble. Because it is not as popular as motorcycles, cars, so it is natural that the charging station is not as many as gas stations. Of course, it mainly depends on the popularity of electric vehicles in your city and region, if it is quite popular, then there are still quite a lot of charging stations, but it may be difficult to find a 24-hour charging station like a gas station.
3, not far, only suitable for running short distance: electric bicycle due to battery capacity restrictions, unlike the car burning oil, refueling as convenient, its journey is generally in 20 km to 40 km, the farthest 80 km basic cap, so it is generally only suitable for activities within 5 to 10 km, if your home from the company within 10 km, the use of electric vehicles or basic no problem.
4, brakes are easy to not work: some electric bikes may make the brakes not so sensitive due to cheap price, use of poor quality materials, speeding, improper operation, exceeding the design speed, poor consideration, etc. Because it is after all much faster than a bicycle, after using it for too long, the brakes may age out of order.

Advantages of electric bicycle
1、Cheap price, suitable for working people. The price of an electric bicycle is usually about 1000 to 3000 yuan, which is much cheaper than a motorcycle.
2, pedal is not tired: because of the battery + motor drive, without foot pedal can automatically drive. This is still more convenient and easier than a bicycle for people who work hard every day.
3、Fast: Although not as fast as a motorcycle, it is much faster than a pedal bike.
4, can be convenient to go to work: if the company is very close to the place where you live, 5 km or so, it is very convenient to use electric bicycle to go to work. You can also take some luggage, go to the supermarket to buy some food or hump back, very easy.
5、Easy to learn: Not as hard to learn as a motorcycle, as long as you can ride a bicycle, electric bicycle is still very fast to learn. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you are not familiar with the button operation and brakes at the beginning, so you must slow down a bit.
6, compared to motorcycles can be much safer: because the speed is slower than motorcycles, but also easier to control than motorcycles, so the safety can still be assured.

The above is the introduction of the disadvantages and advantages of electric bicycles, if you want to know more about the manufacturing of electric bicycles, you can also get in touch with us.

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