What are the problems that cause electric bicycles not to run fast and not far?

Front-line companies and repairers often encounter such problems, customers report that the battery does not run far. To be honest, some vehicles do not go far, it is really a battery quality problem; however, there are also quite a few vehicles that do not run much farther without energy. It's not really the battery that's the problem. Some of them even think the battery quality is normal after regular testing.

In fact, there are many factors that make electric vehicles not far away from us. The battery is just one of them. As a person in this industry, we must say something. At least we should understand some of the reasons that make vehicles not run far.
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So, what factors cause the battery to not run far? Please see the following.

1. Motor demagnetization
If a customer rides an electric car to the door, the car is not far away, check the motor for problems when checking the battery. If the motor is in water, the interior may be damp and rusty. Once the motor is rusty, it may lead to demagnetization of the motor, which eventually leads to low energy conversion rate. The most direct manifestation of this is that the range of the electric car is not far. If the corrosion inside the motor is not too serious, you can remove the rust after disassembling the motor. Generally speaking, the power and range of the electric car can be improved to a certain extent after rust removal. Of course, if the internal corrosion of the motor is very serious, then we can only choose to replace the new motor.
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2、Controller aging
After checking the motor, if the motor is normal, the controller. As one of the most commonly used accessories of electric vehicles, the controller also has a certain service life. After a certain number of years, the controller will also be aging. Once the controller is aging, the speed will be reduced, the range will be affected, and the driving distance will not be too far. Controller aging, generally do not use the repair method, only through the replacement to solve the problem.
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3、Brake failure
In addition, we need to check the brakes, and the increase in resistance will also shorten the driving range of the electric car to a certain extent, so that the electric car will not run far. Of course, it should be properly de-rusted and de-oiled. Of course, if the brake parts are damaged and failed after rust removal and oiling, they need to be replaced with corresponding new parts.
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4、Parts mismatch
Finally, many people find that the motor controller, brakes and other parts are fine, so they vent their anger on the battery. They think that if the car doesn't run far or fast, it must be the battery's problem. Even after the final test, they find that the battery discharge is normal and they insist that it is the battery's problem.

In fact, at this time, you can check the model of the battery, motor and controller. Sometimes, even if the parts on top are right, as long as the parts on top don't match, the electric car won't run fast or far. This is one of the most overlooked problems.
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The battery, motor and controller need to match to make the best use of the power. If one of them doesn't match, the electric car will be powerless and won't run far. For this kind of problem, it is relatively easy to solve, replacing one of the mismatched parts will solve the problem.

In short, the lack of power of electric car is usually caused by these four reasons. For users, they just need to check them one by one. But no matter what the problem is, as long as it is fixed at the first time, it will not cause a new problem.

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