What are the safety hazards of electric bicycles that cannot be ignored?

With the development of the times, people's quality of life has been greatly improved, and many families choose to buy mobility tools for the convenience of travel. Compared to cars and bicycles, electric bicycles are favored by many families because of their cheap price, easy riding and convenient parking. But while e-bikes bring us convenience, they also pose a safety hazard that cannot be ignored.
What are the causes of electric bicycle fires?
There are two main causes of electric bicycle fires: the first is the electrical short circuit caused during use, which leads to spontaneous combustion fires; the second is during the charging process of electric bicycles, some electric bicycles are charged for a long time without personnel for maintenance and regular maintenance. Therefore, during the charging process, it is easy to cause a short circuit of the electrical appliances, which eventually leads to spontaneous combustion of the electric bicycle.
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There are many electric wires inside the electric bicycle, some of them may be aging, the outside of these wires are rubber, if you use it for a long time and do not maintain it, during the charging process, it may heat up and melt its rubber, which may cause a short circuit to these wires and eventually cause a fire.

What should we pay attention to when using electric bicycles?
First, we should use electric bicycles in a standard way and perform regular maintenance.
Secondly, you should not modify your e-bike, such as adding a battery or changing the circuit of the e-bike.
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Why do e-bike fires spread quickly in a short period of time?
Because the e-bike itself is made of plastic components, and it also has a battery, cotton wool, cotton and other soft padding. It also has a lot of wires inside itself, which are all very susceptible to fire. So once it burns up, it will spread very fast.

What are the safety risks associated with burning electric bikes in the hallway?
Burning electric bicycles release a lot of toxic fumes and high temperature smoke, which are the main cause of casualties in fires. The reason why it is prohibited to park and charge inside the building is that once a fire occurs, the smoke will spread from the first floor and gradually move up the stairs, forming a chimney effect of the stairs. Although escape from indoors and push open the door to find there is no open fire, but these toxic fumes will be enough to make you lose consciousness for a short time, eventually leading to death by suffocation.
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What should I pay attention to when riding a non-motorized vehicle?
Non-motorized vehicles such as electric bicycles and bicycles, which often have a small, compact and flexible characteristics. When driving on the road, it is also called "meat and iron" by many people, which means that there are certain defects in its own safety, and it cannot accurately protect the driver and the passengers, so there are certain requirements for the driver.

Safety Tips: What else can you do to prevent electric bike fires?
1. You should buy the electric bicycle charger and battery of the regular manufacturer and produce the qualified quality of the industrial design company, do regular maintenance, and do not modify it illegally.
2. Do not park electric bicycles in stairwells, evacuation routes, safety exits, fire escapes, etc., and do not charge electric bicycles in these places.
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3. Don't charge your e-bike by pulling the power line, and control the charging time from six to eight hours, don't overcharge.
4. Do not place flammable objects around the electric bicycle, do not use open flame, find the electric bicycle fire, do not panic, quickly use dry powder fire extinguishers to extinguish, if the fire is large and thick, blocking the channel, quickly back to the house to close the door, and use wet towels and other blocking door seams, timely call "119" waiting for fire rescue.

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