What is the cost of electric bike?details price big reveal

Many people complain that branded electric bikes are too expensive and assembled bikes are cheap and okay to use. I would say that the reason why branded bikes are expensive is mainly because of these core accessories.
electric bike
One: frame
Without strong bones, there is no need to think of a smooth, comfortable and fast frame. Brand frame in about 300 U.S. dollars ordinary frame cost 200 U.S. dollars or less
electric bike
Two: Motor
Motor is the power source of electric bicycle, you need to spend money to use better motor if you want the car to be strong. Brand motor is around $500, and miscellaneous brand motor is within $300.
electric bike
Three: Controller
The controller can make the motor battery with half the effort, but also can make with half the effort. High standard, crystal sink and other brand controller 130-200 U.S. dollars, miscellaneous brand controller 50-120 U.S. dollars
electric bike
Four: brake system
Brakes are a matter of life and safety, the importance of small talk. Tangze brakes about $55, miscellaneous brand brakes cost $27
electric bike
Five: shock absorption
A good shock absorber can ride smoothly and comfortably over bumpy roads, while a bad shock absorber is not only hard, short stretching distance, but also easy to break. Star, Chuanan, and famous shock absorbers for motorcycles are around $180, and miscellaneous brand shock absorbers are within $100.
electric bike
Six: Plastic parts
The bike is not beautiful, ride strong and strong plastic parts. Good plastic parts feel good, not easy to lose paint, strong and durable. ABS two-component baking paint about $ 500 ordinary plastic parts cost $ 350 or less
electric bike
Seven: Tires
Tires have a great impact on the safety performance and range of electric bicycles, and good tires not only have better braking effect, but also save electricity. Good tires not only have a better braking effect, but also save electricity. The tires of Zhengxin and Chaoyang are about 120 USD, and the common tires are about 90 USD.
electric bike
Eight: Battery
It is one of the most important accessories of electric bicycle and directly determines the range of electric bicycle. Tennant and Chaowei custom batteries are around 370-710 USD, and ordinary batteries are around 290-630 USD.
electric bike
Nine: Other accessories
Other accessories affect the riding experience and comfort of the vehicle. The cost of branded e-bike accessories is about $100 more expensive than ordinary e-bike accessories overall.

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