What is the difference between an electric bike and an electric car

Electric cars are very common in people's lives, and there are very many kinds of electric cars. Different consumer groups can choose different kinds of electric cars to serve their lives, but among the many kinds of electric cars electric cars and electric bicycles are the kinds that consumers are very unable to recognize correctly, and many consumers do not know what the difference between these two kinds of cars is, so that they can make some mistakes.
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The difference between electric cars and electric bicycles: Introduction
Electric car, i.e. electric powered car, also known as electric drive car. Electric vehicles are divided into AC electric vehicles and DC electric vehicles. The commonly said electric car is a vehicle that uses the battery as the energy source and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy movement through the controller, motor and other components to control the size of the current to change the speed.
The first electric car was manufactured in 1881, the inventor was French engineer Gustave Trouve, it was a three-wheeled car powered by lead-acid battery it was driven by DC motor, today, electric cars have changed dramatically and there are many different types.
An electric bicycle is a special vehicle that uses electric power from a battery to drive an electric motor to move over short distances in a specific space!
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Introduction of the difference between electric car and electric bicycle: use difference
The general use of the place in the enterprise and tourist attractions with electric battery excursion car and some in the warehouse, workshop, construction site use of engineering electric self-propelled vehicles!
The important point is that electric bicycles cannot be licensed for use on the road, which means they can only be used in certain spaces! That means they can only be used in certain spaces! There are also significant industry features in the appearance, such as the electric touring car is no door, only the roof, easy for tourists to get up and down and view the surrounding scenery!
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The difference between electric cars and electric bicycles: weight difference
As a non-motorized vehicle, the speed of an electric bicycle is not greater than 20 km/h, the weight is not greater than 40 kg, there is the ability to travel on foot, and the electric output power is below 300W.
Electric motor: from the electric bicycle "improved" into the "electric motor", the indicators are over the standard, no pedal driving function, speed 40km / h or even higher, the output power in 500w or more, the overall weight is greater than 50kg.
On whether it will be banned now there is no conclusive you experts to express their own opinions but ban is not because now more and more motorized or the trend of development at most will only be higher than the cost of electric bicycles.
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The above is the difference between electric cars and electric bicycles, consumers in the use or purchase of this type of car must first understand the provisions of the electric car, only to understand the relevant provisions in order to use the time not to violate the provisions. These two types of cars are generally not clear to consumers, just like the types of electric cars are too much and confused, I hope you can help after reading my introduction.

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