What is the difference between the car inflatable pump 30 cylinders and 50 cylinders?

What is the difference between the car inflatable pump 30 cylinder and 50 cylinder? The difference between 30-cylinder and 50-cylinder car inflator pumps mainly lies in the different speed of inflation. 30-cylinder inflator pumps are slower than 50-cylinder, and there is no better situation between these two cylinders, which should be analyzed according to the overall.
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30-cylinder car inflatable pump is difficult to inflate large cars, but the price is cheaper than 50-cylinder, while 50-cylinder is the opposite. Slightly more expensive, sufficient air pressure, fast inflation, riders can choose according to the model. In addition, the car inflatable pump is different from the single cylinder, double cylinder, double cylinder car inflatable pump performance is better than the single cylinder.
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When choosing a car inflatable pump, riders should choose the power of the pump according to their car model, the car can choose a low-power single cylinder, both to save money and electricity.
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For large SUVs, medium-sized cars and other off-road vehicles, it is best to use a double-cylinder high-powered air pump, some air pumps have emergency LED lighting, which can be used in dark environments at night, and can also be used as a flashlight during the week, so consider this air pump.

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