What is the difference between wide tires and narrow tires for electric bicycles?

Usually, people think that the four most important parts of an electric bicycle are the battery, motor, controller and charger. Yes, these four parts ensure that the electric bicycle can run properly and also ensure the performance and range of the electric bicycle. But when buying an electric bicycle, tires are also crucial.

At present, the tires of electric bicycles are divided into ordinary tires and vacuum tires, while ordinary tires have inside and outside tires, and vacuum tires do not have the difference between inside and outside tires. Vacuum tires and ordinary tires have their own advantages. Vacuum tires have better wear resistance, longer life and better heat dissipation, but are more expensive; ordinary tires are cheaper and easier to maintain, but have less stability and wear resistance and are more likely to be punctured. According to how much budget you have to buy a car, you can choose a car with normal tires or a car with vacuum tires.
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When looking at the car, we can see that different cars have different tires, in layman's terms, there are wide tires and narrow tires, and tires with different tread widths, also have more advantages and disadvantages.

Wide tires.
Tire tread touching the ground area is larger, the tire and the ground friction is greater, grip performance will be better, and the thickness of the tread also fully ensure a longer tire life, so that users ride more smoothly and safely in complex road conditions, but at the same time, the wide tire strong friction, heavy tires are also more power consumption.
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Narrow tires.
Tire tread touching the ground area is smaller, grip performance may be affected, in bad road conditions or slope, curvature, there will be unstable travel, but narrow tires lighter weight, less friction, smaller footprint, and more energy efficient.
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In daily travel, if you often need to ride for a long time, road conditions are uncertain, try to buy wide tires of electric bicycles; if close travel, road conditions are better, choose narrow tires of electric bicycles are more energy efficient and power saving.

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