What should be done with used electric bicycles?

It is well known that vehicles have a specific end-of-life period. For example, private cars have an end-of-life period of 600,000 kilometers, while e-bikes do not have a specific end-of-life period. Generally speaking, it is fine to ride for ten or eight years. People who have a "life expectancy" are as old as they are, suffering from diseases of varying sizes, which can affect travel safety, and have to retire without retiring.
So, how do you deal with these "old" e-bikes?

Sell them to recyclers. I've heard that some people earn 20,000 to 30,000 a month by recycling used electric bikes.
The recycling price of electric bikes with batteries is about $350, and the profit without disassembly is about $20/bike, and if you disassemble them, you can put aside the cost of disassembly and calculate the profit of disassembly materials and parts at about $50/bike. But this quantity is really not easy to do in this industry, about 200 units a month is still possible.
Legitimate used e-bike recyclers will take their recycled and dismantled parts and sell them to various factories, which will then refurbish them and make them a new e-bike, so to speak, and reuse the resources, consumers, don't follow
Second, trade-in. Every year, large and small electric car stores will engage in "trade-in" activities, is the old car discount credit, and then make up the price to buy a new car, business activities to enhance sales, but also to provide consumers with a variety of car purchase options.
In addition, there is a policy on the transition period for oversized vehicles, so that oversized electric bicycles early "retirement", which will be in the next 1-3 years ushered in the trade-in period, businesses should seize the respective market trade-in dividend, a big profit.
Abandoned e-bikes are prone to environmental pollution. The best option is to sell them to recyclers for resource reuse or "trade-in".

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