What should I pay attention to in long-term storage of electric bicycles?

As one of the means of transportation, some owners may park their e-bikes for a period of time before using them due to factors such as transportation diversity and weather factors (e.g. winter). If the electric bicycle needs to be stored for a long time, TESGO Industrial Design warmly reminds you that
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Electric bicycle long time storage maintenance tips
1、Before storage - maintain the vehicle well
Before storage, it is recommended to go to a service store for a comprehensive maintenance (including battery charging, anti-rust treatment of important parts, tire inflation, car washing, etc.); if there are any faults or hidden problems, repair them in time to ensure that you can use the car smoothly when you use it again. Reminder: It is strictly forbidden to store at a power loss. Most of the electric bicycle batteries are lead-acid batteries, which are stored at a full charge and are the best.
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2. When storing - maintain the battery well
①Prop up the main support for storage, should exist in a cool and dry place.
② When the vehicle is idle and not in use, the lead-acid battery power will also be consumed, if the vehicle is placed for more than a month, you can remove the negative connector of the battery to do the disconnection process, and then put it back on to use when starting.
③ Long-term storage once a month with the original charger full charge.
Note: When the lithium battery is stored for a long time, check the power indicator once a month. If the power drops a light, please charge it until it shows three lights.
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3. Before using again - to confirm the condition of the car
① First check whether the battery has bulge and other abnormal conditions, if not, the battery is fully charged.
②Check whether the tire pressure is sufficient, such as insufficient to inflate. (If the tire pressure is not enough, when driving the tire will be <deformed by the pressure is deflated>, cracking, accelerating rubber aging and wear)
③ routine daily other inspection items: such as brakes, lights, etc.. If there are any abnormalities, you can contact the local service store professionals to help solve! If no maintenance was performed before storage, it is recommended to go to the service store for a comprehensive maintenance first.
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TESGO Industrial Design Company warmly reminds: Be sure to use the original charger, it comes with automatic full power-off function, if the non-original charger without power-off function, it will cause long time overcharge resulting in battery deformation, water loss and other phenomena, thus directly affecting the battery life!

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