What should I pay attention to when using a car inflatable pump?

Car inflatable pump for the majority of people with a car, is very useful, the road in case the tires are out of gas, it is still very convenient to use, the following shares the use of car inflatable pump precautions.

When buying a car inflatable pump to pay attention to, small cars can choose a single bar low power, both cheap and power-saving, enough; but large SUVs and other off-road vehicles, medium and large cars need to use a double bar high power inflatable pump, otherwise the inflatable is very slow, and power consumption.
inflatable pump
Pay attention to the purchase of car inflatable pump function should be comprehensive, such as emergency LED lighting, so that the night inflatable is very useful, and can be a good flashlight, a machine multipurpose. And can also be used as a warning light, can flash a flash to remind the rear of the vehicle to pay attention to avoid.
inflatable pump
When using the inflatable pump, pay attention to the vehicle off first, the inflatable pump plug into the cigarette lighter, and then ignition, so you can avoid the vehicle burn insurance accident. Of course, many people feel that the vehicle started and then access to the inflatable pump is fine, but over time it is easy to short-circuit the danger.
inflatable pump
In the process of using the inflatable pump, if the inflatable pump is overheated, must stop for a few minutes before using, so that the inflatable pump has a heat dissipation process. In the use of inflatable pumps, pay close attention to the changes in tire pressure, watch the tire pressure table, do not inflate too much. Pump work, often vibration is relatively large, this is normal, pay attention to the hand pressed on it.

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