What would urban traffic look like if two-wheeled e-bikes disappeared?

Our country is not the first country where electric bikes appeared, but the country with the highest popularity of electric bikes, and almost every family will have an electric bike. However, compared to other countries, our electric bicycle is very different because the so-called electric bicycle, also called a booster, has double-side pedals and is a human-powered vehicle, supplemented by electric drive, which is not too fast. Contrary to China's electric bicycle, it is a form of electric drive, supplemented by human drive, and even more than 80% of the double side without pedals, the speed is about 60K/H, so it is not too much to say that the electric car
In fact, the electric car regulation is not recently started, as early as a few years ago has been included in the planning, but gradually from the first two tier cities, the reason for the regulation is that with the popularity of electric cars, to the normal traffic order has brought great impact.
Travel to some cities in the south, such as Suzhou, Hangzhou and other national civilized cities, you will find that although electric vehicles are everywhere, but there is little impact on normal traffic, because those places have strict rules for electric vehicles on the road:.
1. must be licensed
2. can not take the motorway
3. must wear a helmet
4. the back seat can not carry people
5. strict compliance with traffic rules
The resultant benefit is that motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles travel in their own lanes and strictly follow the traffic lights, without causing too much impact and greatly reducing unnecessary safety hazards.
If you live in a third or fourth-tier city or a small county, you should know the hazards brought by electric cars. They feel they are vulnerable and do not take motor vehicles and traffic regulations to heart at all, and there are uncivilized behaviors everywhere: 1.
1. changing lanes at will
2. running red lights
3. going against the traffic
4. occupying motor vehicle lanes
5. parked at will
6. Turning around and running when an accident occurs
This kind of behavior that affects traffic and safety has already brought inconvenience to local traffic, so it must be rectified, but rectification does not mean cancellation, because the cancellation of electric cars will bring more serious consequences, that is tantamount to killing the chicken to get the egg.
Due to geographical reasons, most of China's population live in the central mountainous and eastern coastal areas, with tens of millions of people in prefecture-level cities and billions of people in counties, there are also billions of people living in these cities, once the electric car is cancelled, it will bring serious effects to people:?
1. more traffic congestion
After electric cars are cancelled, people will prefer to travel by private car, and the increase of private cars is undoubtedly a need for the already congested cities.
2. Urban public transportation is overburdened
Public transportation includes subways, buses, cabs and shared bicycles, etc. Most cities' public transportation is running at full capacity. If electric cars are cancelled, people's demand for public transportation will multiply, and it will not be able to meet the exponential increase in demand in a short period of time and will be overloaded.
3. Slowdown in development
Whether it is a country or a city, it is constantly developing, and the main driving force of development is the continuous labor of people, once the electric car is eliminated, it will greatly reduce people's lives and work efficiency. As the saying goes, if there is no delivery boy, you let people who depend on delivery for a living how to work, the efficiency will certainly be greatly reduced.
4. Environmental impact
The increase in private cars and public transportation will not only make the roads more congested, but at the same time, the emissions they emit will bring about greater environmental pollution, potentially undoing years of pollution control, which is obviously more than worth the loss.
In addition, the mandatory ban on electric car travel, but also out of place, electric cars are many lower-class people's transport, many small cities are still underdeveloped public transport, workers to and from work is very inconvenient, and finally let everyone ride bicycles, ask the experts, bicycles should also be banned from traffic?
I think the electric car regulation is a good thing, should be from the licensing, binding ID cards, safety awareness education, road traffic supervision, so that electric cars also like motor vehicles know what to do what not to do, violating traffic rules should be duly punished. But the above measures are only the symptoms and not the root cause, to cure the root cause should start from improving personal quality, after all, electric cars will not run red lights for no reason, the key is the people on the electric car.

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