Why can some electric bikes ride for 6 years, while some are broken in less than 3 years?

Many products have a design life, and the design life of an e-bike is the reference value given by the manufacturer for how long the e-bike can be used before it is scrapped. This takes us through the life expectancy of an e-bike. The design life of an e-bike is generally related to the cost of the e-bike from the factory. The design life of an e-bike that costs less than $3,000 is 1-4 years, and the design life of an e-bike that costs more than $3,000 is 5-8 years.

Design life is the general consensus under the industrial production, the product factory to set a certain number of years of use, if the product design life is too high, things do not break, it is difficult to form the market re-purchase and re-circulation, then the enterprise because there is no re-production and collapse.
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Generally speaking, the design life of electric bicycles is related to the materials, accessories and quality of workmanship chosen. The higher the price, the longer the design life of the model, but the basic control within 6 years. Under normal use, after 6 years, the structure or core parts of the e-bike will be permanently damaged. So some people ask, "Why can some bikes ride for 6 years while others are broken in less than 3 years?
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E-bikes are different from cars, although they look the same, they may belong to different brands and may be different in price. $2,000 and $3,000 e-bikes may look exactly the same, but their lifespan is definitely different, generally $3,000 e-bikes have a longer lifespan.

In addition, the design life and the actual life of an electric bicycle are not the same.
The same electric motor, if it is used by such high-intensity groups as delivery boys, the frame, motor and other core components may be out of order in 2-3 years, but if it is used by ordinary white-collar workers with low intensity, commuting to work, it may ride for 6 years without problems.
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Manufacturers design the service life is measured in a single laboratory environment, but users use different scenarios, some people love their electric bikes, know how to maintain. But there are some people, the car bought do not know how to care, put outside the wind and rain, and even modify the core components of the car, squeeze the car performance, these are the main reasons for the actual life of the car shortened.

Do you all understand the design life of electric bicycles? Here we recommend that you take good care of their own small electric donkey, so that it can accompany you to ride farther, run longer Oh!

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