Why do electric bicycles always fail to be fully charged?

When it comes to charging electric bicycles, maybe everyone thinks: Don’t you just charge it? What's wrong, one is connected to the power supply and the other is connected to the battery, what's wrong with it.
Have you ever found that electric bicycles are always not fully charged?
What is the reason for this? Today I will tell you about it.
1. The charger does not match
Nowadays, many people like to mix chargers for convenience. For example, some people will use 60V chargers to charge 48V batteries. They don’t know that this charging method will accelerate the battery loss and cause the battery to be unfilled, which affects the battery’s capacity. Service life.
Therefore, for us, the best way to charge is to use a special car charger.
Electric Bicycles
2. The charging environment is lower than 25℃
As far as the current temperature is concerned, indoor charging is definitely different from outdoor charging. If you don't believe it, you can try.
The battery of an electric bicycle also has its own most suitable temperature. When the temperature is lower than 25℃, the battery capacity will shrink, which can be understood as thermal expansion and contraction. In this case, of course the battery will not be fully charged. In fact, it looks very fulfilling, but it can actually be shown in terms of continuous and power consumption speed.
Electric Bicycles
3. Frequent charging
Some people always say that the battery life of electric bicycles is short and the battery is not fully charged, but they have no common sense in charging, and always charge where they are. They don't even have a chance to breathe from the battery. They just work hard.
If the battery is under high load "working" for a long time, of course it will also go on strike. Frequent charging and discharging will cause the internal electrolyte to react all the time. Under the condition of continuous high temperature, the internal solution will volatilize. As for the decrease of battery capacity, the battery will be constantly depleted. Electricity.
Electric Bicycles
Have you been recruited by these wrong charging methods? Quickly learn the correct charging method. In this way, your electric bicycle can be used for a few more years.

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