Why do you rarely see electric bicycles in Japan?

Times are very different from the past, especially in the fast-paced city life where people pay special attention to transportation. Although the car is a very convenient means of transportation, there is now congestion on the roads.

As a result, some people choose other means of transportation to replace their cars, so they don't need to have much control over parking and fuel costs. Therefore, e-bikes have become an environmentally friendly and convenient means of transportation in this environment.
electric bicycles
However, in highly developed countries like Japan, where traffic congestion has become the most important local issue, why they rarely have e-bikes has become a confusing question for some people, now let's see how many reasons there are?
electric bicycles
In fact, although e-bike is a relatively energy-saving and environment-friendly transportation, the batteries of some e-bikes are not good for the environment after all, the batteries will cause permanent damage and pollution to the soil when they are scrapped, and the range of some batteries is not enough for people to choose.
electric bicycles
In Japan, they are particularly technologically advanced and policies do not have many restrictions on motorcycles Motorcycles have become the means of transportation for some Japanese commuters and are much more durable than electric bikes In addition, the Japanese transportation system is very well developed and vehicles such as electric bikes are more convenient.
electric bicycles
Generally speaking, Japanese people pay more attention to environmental protection. The main reason why two-wheeled electric bicycles are rarely seen on the streets of Japan is because of concerns about battery pollution here, and we hope that electric bicycle companies will increase their investment in electric bicycle battery research and development while developing electric bicycle products in the future, in order to develop more environmentally friendly electric bicycles that travel farther.

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