Why do you require electric bicycles to have pedals? I'll tell you the answer

Electric bicycles have set off a wave of electric vehicle replacement licenses. The most attention is naturally the new standard of electric bicycle, electric bicycle need to have pedal riding function, the maximum speed ≤ 25km/h, motor power ≤ 400w, battery voltage ≤ 48v, the whole car mass ≤ 55kg. for this new regulation, some people feel strange, for the weight and speed requirements can be understood, but the pedal for electric car is really so necessary? In fact, they are very useful!
electric bicycles
1, so that the electric bicycle back to the jurisdiction of non-motorized vehicles. There is a definition of non-motorized vehicle in the Road Traffic Safety Law: a vehicle that is driven by human power or stored power and travels on the road. In other words, the former electric bicycle without pedals does not belong to non-motorized vehicles, is not reasonable. And the electric confident car added pedal, only with non-motorized vehicle qualification.
electric bicycles
2, the pedal is not a single pedal, but with power transmission chain, that is, can be external pedal riding, which undoubtedly to the electric bicycle on an insurance, when the electric car without electricity or failure, it can be completely when the bicycle ride, will not be bad in place to obstruct traffic or push forward to bring safety hazards.
electric bicycles
3, electric bicycle weight is low, the center of gravity is not stable, riding to the maximum speed if there is no pedal is easy to unstable center of gravity led to fall, when the driver's feet on the pedals, the center of gravity is lower, more stable on the left and right, can reduce the risk of rollover.
electric bicycles
So electric bikes with footpegs can help people achieve more assistance, but also to protect their driving safety. It can also achieve power-saving mode, bring healthy travel and provide travel efficiency.

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